Review: I Miss You by kickassfu

Summary: After 5 x 11 Klaus and Caroline meet again, at least it felt like they did. Not knowing what happened to both of them; they try and figure it out together. Well they’ll try amidst all of the sexual tension and the fights.

Rating: T

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10433288/1/I-Miss-You


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Post hot hybrid sex, we pick up in Mystic Falls where Caroline wakes from a dream. It’s not just any dream of course, it’s one that involves her locking lips with our favourite Original. At the same time, over in New Orleans, Klaus wakes up after the same dream. Coincidence? I think not.

Klaus calls Caroline and amongst all that familiar, witty banter they both admit to having the same dream. However their conversation is short lived, his smug response to the situation resulting in Caroline hanging up and going on a cleaning binge. At this point it’s clear the author’s portrayal of their relationship is on point.

Enter Enzo, who is trying to track Maggie down and wants Caroline’s help. She is dubious, of course, especially when he tells her all she needs to do is go to New Orleans with him, easy, right? Turns out Enzo believes a certain admirer of Caroline’s might know the whereabouts of Maggie. Caroline is understandably hesitant, especially after her not so innocent dreams about the King of New Orleans.

She reluctantly decides to go, embarking on a journey with Enzo who spends half his time annoying her and the other half shamelessly trying to pick her up. Newly arrived in town they come across Kol who invites them to dinner and Enzo agrees, much to Caroline’s chagrin. Klaus opens the door, immediately jealous of the guy being overly friendly towards her, and now the fun can really begin.

This is an entertaining read, one that had me captivated from the beginning. Obviously the mystery behind the dreams was enough to grab my attention from the outset but I fell in love with a few particular elements.

All of our favorite supporting characters are here including Kol, Rebekah, Enzo, Elijah, and Bonnie and it is thoroughly enjoyable to read their group dynamic, but also how they interact with both Caroline and Klaus.

My favourite example is the BrOTP I adore, Carenzo, and the chemistry kickassfu creates between the two characters is priceless. Whether Caroline is shutting him down after one of his many pathetic attempts to hit on her or whether Enzo is giving her love advice, it just made me me grin like an idiot.  I truly believe Enzo would be an unabashed Klaroline shipper in canon. The friendship development between these two throughout the story is wonderful to read and a definite highlight.

Another well-written dynamic is that between the Mikaelson siblings. Their incessant bickering, especially, is humorous to read. Another small, but welcome, addition is the adorable Kennett flirting as they attempt to get to the bottom of Klaroline’s shared dreams.

The most important characterization though is that of our leading couple. Caroline is feisty and stubborn while Klaus is arrogant and protective, both as in canon. I have to say one of my favorite sides to Klaus is his jealous one and the author does not disappoint.  It is delightful to read the chapter when Caroline and Enzo show up on his doorstep and Klaus thinks they are together.   

Klaus also brings out some heartfelt lines to his ladylove, including my personal favorite when he mentions their previously private predicament in front of the whole dinner table. Caroline, as you can imagine, is completely horrified he would embarrass her like that and shoots back, “And what about you? Have you been dreaming about me?” Without hesitation, he replies with, “I have. Every single night since the day I met you.”

I remember reading it and melting into a puddle on my couch and at the same time willing Caroline to rush over and just kiss him already, but we all know how annoyingly determined she can be and resists for the time being.

Not many people like cliffhangers, but I really enjoyed how at the end of every part something happened only making you want to read the next chapter straight away. The best part about reading this story now is that it is complete, so you don’t even need to wait to find out!

This is a great read; one full of colourful characters, lively interactions and heartfelt, burgeoning relationships. What more can I say, just go and read it!