Review: Intertwined Fates by XChristineKimX

Summary: Klaus Mikaelson is a world well-known actor who is cold-hearted and ruthless to be on the top of the industry. However, he was never like this before. He changed the day his ex-girlfriend Caroline Forbes broke his heart, and now they meet once more and their fates intertwine once again. With secrets and deceit occurring in their lives, will they be able to have a second chance?

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10311618/1/Intertwined-Fates

Interwined Fates starts off with a prologue and with Klaroline being all fluffy and cute (I personally love some Klaroline fluff).  However this is Klaroline after all so it can’t be all fluff and happiness, there has to be someone to destroy that happiness. In the shows it’s Julie Plec that keeps them apart and in this story it’s Elijah. I know right I hate Elijah too for this, but reading further you realize that he has his brother’s best interest at heart, although he could have gone about it another way. Anyway he asks Caroline to break up with Klaus in order for him to succeed as an actor. Caroline does this at the worst possible time. Anyway jump to five years and we see our favorite couple bumping into each other again.

As the story progresses, you are find out Klaus is an A list actor and is pretty famous with Caroline’s friends obsessed with him. She however hasn’t been honest with them about knowing Klaus. With her friends’ obsession, Caroline has to constantly hear about his love life and many conquests which has to suck for someone who is most definitely still in love with him.

Klaus on the other hand has become cruel and cold hearted (Kind of reminds me of Klaus from the show pre-TO, who you couldn’t help but love). Klaus doesn’t believe in love anymore because of his heartbreak, however it’s clear he is still in love with Caroline. This becomes more evident when they finally meet and even with the pain and heartbreak, they can’t deny their feelings for each other. Klaus and Caroline’s lives become intertwined and there’s up’s and down’s, pain, heartache and lots of angst.

What I really enjoyed about this story is the vulnerability and emotion each character portrays and how they cope with that. Caroline is usually quiet and reserved whereas Klaus is cruel and lashes out. I enjoyed the interactions between Klaroline as well as the other characters. Katherine brings in the sass and entertainment as well as brutal honesty in contrast to Elijah’s stoic attitude with regards to helping Klaus and Caroline. This story for me is a tearjerker and keeps you rooting for Klaroline, and instead of making you frustrated that they aren’t back together, you enjoy watching the scenes play out and the characters coming to terms with the events and slowly learning to forgive one another. The only negative, is this story ended on a bit

of a cliffhanger and hasn’t been updated in a year. So XChristineKimX, if you reading this, pretty please could you update ?


Graphic by: klaroline-fantasies. Find her on tumblr