Review: Just Give Me a Reason By RadientWings

Summary: Klaus, Caroline. Sparks fly. After one passionate night, they thought they would never see each other again… Five months later, Klaus gets an unexpected surprise when he runs into Caroline – a very pregnant Caroline. Klaroline – AU, All human.

Rating: T

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9231386/1/Just-Give-Me-A-Reason



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Sometimes a story takes a while to take-off, which has its benefits, but let’s be honest, sometimes you just want to stop messing around and get straight to the point. This story does just that, delving straight into the drama in the opening prologue.


Fresh from breaking up with her boyfriend Tyler, Caroline shares a sizzling one-night-stand with Klaus after they get all hot and heavy at a nightclub. Yep, it’s that hot.  A few weeks later and feeling less than ideal, Caroline finds out she is pregnant with his child.


Fast forward five months and Caroline has accepted the situation, leaning heavily on her good friends Bonnie and Stefan for support. What she doesn’t expect is to come face-to-face with her baby daddy at a restaurant while he’s on a date with another woman; awkward much?


Noticing her obvious baby bump an intense argument ensues between them. Caroline admits the baby is his but Klaus, as you can imagine, is in complete denial after having the baby bomb dropped on him like that. It also becomes clear later on that he has reason to be dubious after his ex-girlfriend Tatia pretended to be pregnant so he would marry her. This doesn’t stop Klaus from wanting to find out more about Caroline, however, asking a friend to investigate her whereabouts.


Klaus locates her during a very public argument with her bitter ex Tyler, his protective side coming out in full force swooping in and pretending to be Caroline’s boyfriend to minimize her embarrassment.  Klaus asks for a paternity test, which Caroline agrees to for her baby’s sake, and as predicted the results are positive. He is going to be a father in three months.


Caroline agrees begrudgingly to give Klaus a chance and they begin to get to know each other for the sake of their unborn baby. Well, that and the fact that they are relative strangers at this point and know nothing about the other. An entertaining game of Q&A ensues with Klaus being his usual sexy but elusive self and Caroline trying to decide whether she wants to kill him or kiss him.


They continue to spend more time getting to know each other, which leads to some beautifully touching and not to mention sexually charged moments between our favourite couple. However, as we all know in fanfiction world, things don’t always stay perfect forever; where would the fun be in that?  


The plot of Just Give Me a Reason is not a new one but you wouldn’t know that reading the author’s take on this popular trope. Not only do we see things from a very frightened Caroline’s point of view, we can also see how this chain of events affects Klaus.  I’m a big fan of alternating points of view in any story and this is a great example of that because it gives the reader a chance to really get into both characters’ heads.  


Another highlight is the realistic way both lead characters deal with this life changing news and how they persist in getting to know each other, even when it’s a little uncomfortable, for the sake of their child. The ensuing buildup of tension is powerful and heartfelt and you find yourself willing them to give into their obvious attraction.


Caroline is smart and sassy, albeit a little insecure, which isn’t unusual in a situation where you find yourself pregnant by a one-night-stand though. Klaus is stubborn and arrogant at times, but ultimately loyal to the girl he loves, even if he doesn’t realise his feelings at first.   


I liked the author’s inclusion of our favourite supporting characters who help to move the plot along including;  Katherine, Elijah, Rebekah, and Kol.  There was a touching scene between Elijah and Caroline that made me realise just how much I wanted to see this relationship explored in canon.


This is an interesting story that took me on an emotional journey. The only problem is that it isn’t over and left off on quite a big cliffhanger. RadientWings, I would love to see this completed if at all possible; you know just saying.  


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