Review: la belle et la bete by TuRtLe88

Summary: Klaus is cursed and only his true love can fix it. Caroline has been steering clear of supernatural drama since she left Mystic Falls. What will she do when Elijah shows up and drags her to New Orleans to break his brother’s curse? Klaroline. Rated M for later chapters.

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11508861/1/La-Belle-et-la-bete

It is Beauty and the Beast, only with a touch more blood shed. This is Klaus we’re talking about, and an exceedingly displeased one at that.

Taking place about mid-season of TVD series 5 and series 1 of TO, the story diverts from canon. While Haley is still alive, Klaus’ daughter is not and Camille is still around.

Caroline has done exactly what she told Klaus she would do after they parted ways; him to back to NOLA and her to Whitmore with a promise that he wouldn’t darken her door step. Normal life with college, parties and maybe some dating sprinkled in between. That all comes to a grinding halt when she returns to her dorm room and finds the most terrifying Original.


More than a little disconcerted, Caroline inquires as to his presence, not expecting the response she received.

Klaus has managed to anger the witches and in retaliation they’ve placed a curse on him (no surprise). Stuck in his wolf form during the day, Klaus has once again lost control over his wolf side. And the cure, well…that’s where Caroline comes in.

According to Elijah, the only way to reverse the curse is an act of true love.

Go ahead and laugh because Caroline certainly did with how it resembled a Disney movie from her childhood. (Not that Elijah caught the reference.)

Although not sure that her presence will be the cure to his affliction what with the uncertainty of her feelings, Caroline acquiesces and the move to New Orleans commences. Once they arrive, it’s pretty clear that Elijah made the right call about the baby vampire being their best bet. Klaus immediately becomes her shadow/wolf escort as she navigates Tulane and the city itself.

Featuring all the Original siblings – minus Finn and Freya. Kol is around to make all kinds of mischief and inappropriate passes at Caroline whilst her and Rebekah continue right where they left off in Mystic Falls with poorly concealed disdain and Elijah just trying to hold it all together.

From here on Klaus and Caroline explore their relationship with each other, though the story is M it’s less physical and more introspective. The attraction has been there from the start, but their history is a bit rough. The author explores how events in Mystic Falls where Caroline claims to never forgive Klaus for his actions turns into a better understanding of how and why he is the way he is.

TuRtLe88 provides an interesting look into the volatile parts of Klaus’ personality; those aggressive characteristics present in all werewolves in an effort to trigger the curse. Caroline thinks back to her human days as a neurotic control freak which were amplified by the change. It would make sense that Klaus’ almost innate aggression would increase tenfold.

While she doesn’t excuse his behavior, everything that’s happened in MF has given her a new perspective. Klaus will gladly retain his status as the supernatural boogeyman, but the situation isn’t as black and white as it used to be. Her separation from the Salvatore brothers and Elena’s influence have only proved it more. There’s a touch of Elena bashing, but it’s nothing you haven’t heard before. Nor is it untrue.

As Caroline comes to terms with her feelings, new fears begin to arise. She cares about Klaus a lot but if she lets herself fall, will it be enough? Breaking a curse with true love seems so all or nothing. Is she ready to spend forever with Klaus? Or will their relationship come to a screeching halt if it doesn’t work?

And to top it all off the witches are still waiting to make their move. In an effort to combat the situation, Caroline comes up with a plan. Bring back Silas. He’s not taken as seriously as he was on the show, but the author plays on the humorous theory that Silas is a serious klaroliner. He just wants their ship to sail, something I think we can all stand behind. In short, he lets that fangirl flag fly.

Through it all the relationship between them grows, but I think the act of true love that breaks the curse is up to the reader. Caroline was sure that their future would be determined after they had sex, and sure enough the curse revealed itself to be broken the next morning; but could it have been instead that she was willing to sacrifice herself for him? Knowing that even though he’d survive, her love, her need to not see him hurt might have been the catalyst?

Caroline says it herself, “True love is the kind where both people would do anything, give anything, for one another. It’s  pure, unselfish while still being completely selfish.