REVIEW: Love in London by HelloCutePanda

Summary: AU/AH- Caroline and Klaus in London. A neurotic blonde and a womanizing crime lord finding love in each other’s arms.

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9304364/1/Love-in-London


Okay so this fic summary pretty much gives you an idea of what the story is about. Klaus is a womanizing crime lord who also owns a bar and has Stefan working for him. In walks Caroline. Sparks fly and things are no longer the same for either of them.

The story starts off with Caroline coming by to visit her best friend Stefan (oh how I miss the days when there was no *barf* Steroline- okay moving on). Klaus is of course enamored with this beauty like he always is and being his usual Klaus-self, decides to interrupt and woo Ms Forbes. The problem is: he just sees her as one of his many conquests. Of course Caroline being Caroline pretty much gives him a hard time (pun intended). As the story progresses you see Klaus and Caroline in a relationship, with them both falling for each other. Caroline seems to accept it, however Klaus chalks it up to once he has her, he will be over her (oh Klaus, you know that never works out… This is why I know a romp in the woods is not the end for Klaroline. Okay, I need to stop!)

Klaus and Caroline finally do the deed, and Klaus pretty much disappears. Klaus is kind of an ass in this story, but you get to see his softer and more charming side, especially when he screws things up and has to make amends. This story is pretty much a roller-coaster with some twists, fluff, and of course drama. There’s also Katherine Pierce and her not so subtle threats to a certain someone’s manhood.

What I enjoyed about this story is Klaus is pretty much in character in terms of being a crime lord; he is scary and in charge and sometimes impulsive, which i found matches Klaus’ character from TVD. Caroline for me seems a little naive in the beginning, although managed to hold her own. However there’s growth with her character as the story progresses and she is able to stand up to Klaus and is brutally honest. I especially enjoyed the Steroline friendship, because it reminds me of Steroline in the earlier seasons, and Stefan taking on this over protective older brother role. I can’t pick a favorite character because I love them all and the way they are written, although there’s a few times where you just want to shout out “Don’t do it!”

It is a pretty awesome read, make sure to have some tissues on hand; I mean this is Klaroline after all.  The story for me is pretty fast paced and you get to see Klaroline interaction happening from the beginning, which always manages to reel me in. The only downside with this story is that it hasn’t been updated in a really long time so if you are reading this HelloCutePanda, would you pretty please with a cherry on top update this story?


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