Review: Mr Mikaelson by Chel90210

Summary: Recently graduated from New York University. Caroline works as an exotic dancer to pay off her debt. Klaus Mikaelson, a self-made billionaire, forced to watch the woman he loves continue to tear her life apart. She doesn’t know. She doesn’t remember him. Yet, Klaus Mikaelson knows her. He knows everything about her. He wants her to remember. He has to make her remember. AH/AU

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9964886/1/Mr-Mikaelson  

mr mikaelson 

This story is full of angst, right from the beginning; where you find out Caroline is suffering from amnesia and doesn’t remember Klaus or the years she spent with him. Klaus of course stays away and watches from the sidelines, until his possessive side comes out when Caroline gets a job at a strip club. Klaus of course becomes a patron at said strip club in order to keep an eye on his love. Caroline takes note of this mysterious man and becomes annoyed with him and his creepiness. One night Caroline is inebriated and Klaus decides it is time to step in.

Klaus decides to offer her a deal, just so he can spend time with her and hopefully get her to fall in love with him…again.

Enter Tyler Lockwood (Caroline’s NOT boyfriend) who she is really afraid of and doesn’t love.  You will have to check this story out to find out more…

I love reading stories with obsessive (not crazy…well slightly crazy) Klaus, and him being all alpha male over everyone else, but being this vulnerable, sweet man with Caroline. Klaus’s personality is pretty much what we used to see in The Vampire Diaries. The story is quite painful and sad, especially seeing Klaus, be around the woman he loves and know that she doesn’t know him or feel the same. This story is pretty good and fast paced and very intriguing. The only downside is that; it hasn’t been updated in over a year.