Review: Pictures of You by Klaus’ Vampire Barbie

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Summary: Caroline’s a bubbly young blonde majoring in Photography. Klaus is the silent, mysterious guy who’s majoring in Visual Art. When a shocking event occurs that leaves Caroline feeling isolated at Whitmore College, will she turn to him – Klaus, the only person who will listen? Or will she face her battles by herself? Klaroline. Fluff. Eventual angst. AU/AH.

Status: In-Progress

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10435456/1/Pictures-Of-You


Now, I know what most of you are thinking, it’s another fic about Klaus and Caroline meeting at school. True, there are a lot of those fics about in the Klaroline fandom but I really love the take on it Klaus’ Vampire Barbie has used. It’s unique, well-written and makes for a great read.

Pictures of You starts off by throwing you straight into the dialogue which I think is a nice touch so as not to drag the story out. We get some girl bonding from Caroline, Elena, and even Bonnie who is on a student exchange program as they get ready for college. Klaus’ Vampire Barbie has written Elena brilliantly here and has actually made me like her which is an impressive achievement as I normally don’t think much of her in other Klaroline fics.

Klaus is introduced to us in the first chapter so we don’t have to wait long for him and Caroline to meet. I really like how Klaus’ Vampire Barbie changes POV in the story, allowing us insight into both Klaus and Caroline as the story progresses. She writes Klaroline interactions really well, their conversations and actions coming across as natural as well as building up the slow developing relationship between the pair.

As the story moves forward we get hints at Caroline having a past with Damon which led to her having little faith in men. She gets paired with Klaus on an assignment, which seems like the perfect opportunity to get to know the Hot Brit. The author is really talented at writing Klaroline’s flirty banter, giving us smiles all around as we see our favourite couple at their best.

All of Caroline’s friends encourage the development of a relationship with Klaus, wanting Caroline to be happy, and it’s not long before Klaus asks her on a date. Elena helps Caroline get ready and it’s so nice to see her in the supporting friend role. The date goes well, even with some unwanted guests popping up, and we get to see Klaroline dancing, which is a fangirl moment for everyone in our fandom.

One thing that strikes me as odd so far is how perfect the story seems, that is until a car accident changes everything. Caroline is left grieving and the readers are left reeling in shock from the way events unfold. We get some heartfelt scenes as Klaus tries to console her and help distract Caroline from the pain she is feeling and they are written so beautifully I felt a pang in my heart at the image the author has provided for us.

Back at school Caroline is finding her sketches difficult and takes Klaus up on his offer to help, leading him to opening up about Henrik’s death and developing nicely into a tender Klaroline moment as they kiss. One of my favourite scenes in this story is the little glimpse we get of the evil Klaus we are all familiar with; the author writes it cleverly, making the scene funny and teasing.

Caroline decides to go to a party in an attempt to get back to normal, and maybe a little predictably she ends up getting drunk and singing for Klaus on top of a table. She runs into trouble with a guy and it’s Klaus to the rescue as he takes her home. This leads to another favourite scene of mine, Caroline’s drunk confession of love which Klaus reciprocates. Of course she doesn’t remember in the morning leaving a disappointed Klaus as Caroline continues to deal with the loss of an important person.

Pictures of You is filled with squealing fangirl moments and heart wrenching ones, the author managing to toy with our emotions in the right way to have us coming back for more. It’s an essential must read for any Klaroliner, but I fear there will be a lot more angst to come. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster ride but the writing stays true to the characters and their chemistry, leaving readers wanting more.


Cover by Cindy. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter

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