Summary: The Originals have thirty days left to live, and all Rebekah wants to do is learn how to drive. Stefan, Kol, Klaus and Caroline come along for the ride. klaus/caroline, stefan/rebekah, elena/elijah & ensemble cast

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7850611/1/put-down-your-sword-and-crown

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What would happen if Esther’s spell to kill her children had worked and Damon’s interruption only delayed their deaths until the next full moon? This story follows what might have transpired in the thirty days they have left to live.


Rebekah has decided she wants to learn to drive and the whole family goes along for the bumpy ride, causing some entertaining hijinks and accidents along the way. Stefan is her lucky (or should I say unlucky) driving instructor, bored Kol wants a turn at driving himself, and Klaus insists on riding along to watch out for his most beloved car. Caroline also joins the party at Stefan’s behest for some relative sanity during the journey.


Sounds like a fun road trip, right? Wrong. Besides being unable to drive and running into every obstacle known to man, the Original siblings spend their time bickering incessantly. This for me was a highlight and extremely amusing to read because I could imagine this scenario playing out exactly like this on the show.


This story is a wonderful mixture of both heartening and heart-breaking moments, as the siblings and those left behind try to deal with their fate. As the days count down, the drama, romance and emotion only builds to its final crescendo.  The bond that forms between all of the characters, including Klaus and Caroline, only becomes stronger and more intense as day thirty turns into day one.


Bittersweet is the best word to sum up the beautiful and, at times, hilarious journey depicted in put down your sword and crown. While reading this story, I couldn’t stop thinking about what a refreshing and original (pardon the pun) concept this was. The strong and fearless Original siblings facing something they’ve never experienced before: impending death.


The usual arrogance and bravado they demonstrate as immortals is replaced with sadness, uncertainty, and a beautiful vulnerability as we get to see a new and somewhat softer side to our favourite family. The interactions between the siblings and with other characters are emotive and raw. The scenes, especially those between Klaus and Caroline, are some of the best Klaroline moments I have read.


To see our bloodthirsty hybrid in this somber and reflective light is a gift and I want to thank the author but seriously for bringing us this different side of him. Although having said that, in true Klaus fashion he is strong and brave until the end with Caroline’s happiness upmost on his mind, as usual.


Caroline is our usual feisty control freak and it is interesting to read her journey throughout the story and the evolution of her feelings for Klaus. She is confused, emotionally torn between thinking he should die for his sins and wanting him to live because she has come to care for him so much.


There’s quite a few characters in this story but the author incorporates them with ease, and it allows for some witty and humorous banter. The relationships in this story, besides Klaroline, are well developed. Stefan and Rebekah’s journey is heartfelt, and while I’ll admit Elena and Elijah aren’t my favourite pairing, I could believe their growing feelings towards each other in the days leading up to his death.


Author but seriously has done an amazing job with this story and I couldn’t help but laugh reading some of the author notes. Turns out, she was learning to drive at the same time and this was obviously her inspiration. I was glad to read that she did get her license, even after a few hiccups along the way.  I just hope she hasn’t had as many accidents as poor Rebekah!


I love this story, if you can’t tell. It has all the ingredients for one of those movies that has you bawling like a baby, but in a good way. You might want to have some tissues on hand, just in case.


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