Review: Someday, You Will Be Loved by ohvalencia

Title – Someday, You Will Be Loved

Author – ohvalencia

Summary – One visit was all it took to unravel her world. Though Caroline refused to admit it, she was falling for a vampire she knew she couldn’t have. But what if the roles were swapped, and she had all the power? And what if, despite her torturous struggle, fate transpired to bring the two together? (Klaroline / Set in an alternate universe)

Rating –  T

Link – https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9486785/1/Someday-You-Will-Be-Loved

Someday, You Will Be Loved is a gorgeous fic featuring a Role Reversal of Klaus as the baby vampire and Caroline as the Original.

After he has been bitten by Tyler, Caroline’s sired werewolf, and Caroline saves him, Klaus comes to her and demands to know why she has saved his life.

Eventually, after several run-ins in Mystic Falls, Klaus takes Caroline bar-hopping to feed where they share a moment of tangible connection that rocks Caroline to her core. Fearing her heart, Caroline flees.

So develops a different take of the Klaroline dynamic that resonates with the reader and leaves them wanting more.

Klaus and Caroline are both the main characters and gorgeously portrayed, though even the minor characters are well-written.

Klaus channels both his brusque nature and sensitivity as a younger vampire who has befriended the Salvatores and Elena. The author strikes the perfect balance of cruel and wicked but tormented and emotional with Caroline.

The rest of the cast includes a jealously-ridden Tyler, a Rebekah who simply wants a human life free of the cruelty of her sister Caroline, and the Salavatores and Elena who are want we as TVD viewers deserve.

ohvalencia’s writing flows from scene to scene and not once is there a dull or disheartening moment in this fic. She creates the chemistry between Klaroline that is superior to that of Joseph Morgan and Candice Accola’s and develops a relationship beyond the shows, that develops into the originality of itself.

There is too much about this fic, as it is my favorite, that I love, but my one dissatisfaction with this fic is that it is incomplete. The author has not updated since 2013.

Despite all that, Someday, You Will Be Loved is an amazing fic and a good but emotional read.