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Review: Southern Comfort by Sophia Chase.

Summary: After a messy break up Caroline Forbes decides to take up a job in small town Texas not expecting to cross paths with arrogant cattle ranch owner Niklaus Mikaelson. Although on closer reflection she realizes there’s much more to him than meets the eye.

Rating: M


In this story Caroline is a political advisor to Matt Donovan and needs to help him be elected to the US House of Representatives, in order to do so she moves to Jefferson, Texas and bumps into the arrogant yet gorgeous cattle ranch owner Klaus Mikaelson.  Caroline and Klaus start off on a rocky start (perfect Klaroline), however as the story progresses they get to know each other better and each sees a different side to one another. With this they of course become attracted and begin falling for one another. Caroline knows she will have to leave eventually, yet she finds her feelings for Klaus getting stronger and stronger.

This story is currently in-progress, and as the story progresses, you hear about and meet some of Klaus’s siblings, some more cocky than the others. You also get snake bites, a really scary, annoyed and angry Katherine Pierce. This story is quite witty, with barbs thrown back and forth between Klaus and Caroline, Commentary from Matt Donovan and Lexi. There’s of course some angst and what’s a Klaroline story without some angst.

What I really enjoy about this story is the different setting and seeing Ms New York trying to fit in and adjust to Texas with her heels and fancy clothing, and of course added commentary from Klaus. I also really enjoy picturing Klaus as this hot country boy *swoon*. As the story progresses you see Klaus working with his cattle and I found this really sweet and initially it seemed out of character for me, but taking into account Klaus from TVD, he really cared for and loved his horse, and it was easy to picture him caring for his cattle.

I enjoy the way the story is written and the pace in which things are moving, as it really shows you the development of Klaroline from animosity to attraction to flirtation and eventually love. The story also focuses on the campaign, and the family dynamic of Matt, Lexi and their daughter. This story should definitely be checked out.


Graphic by: nfinneman. Find her on tumblr

  • Cece

    Hey, just wondering if you could help me find a klaroline fic?
    here’s what I remember:

    -Apocalyptic times-maybe zombies?
    -Caroline is a mythical protector person of some sort-something rare because otherwise I would remember, and as a result is a badass fighter
    -gets captured trying to maybe finding food with jeremy
    -involves vicki and elena as well
    -Klaus takes an automatic liking to her, but senses she isn’t human
    -confined to a room and has a bodyguard following her around that she tries to lose many times
    -Has a conversation with rebekah at some point because Klaus want to know what she is
    -flashbacks confirming her identity with some kind of psychic
    -Elena is found to be a doppelganger, mistaken for katerina and klaus wants to use her to build a hybrid army
    -Slits her wrist and pours a glass of blood for Klaus bc he lost control and gave her a scar on her neck
    -has supernatural healing abilities
    -Escapes with elena, vicki, and jeremy into the woods
    -caroline kills about 20 or so people escaping
    -Tries to find werewolves as alliance

    Any help? I’ve tried googling everything and I couldn’t find it. It had a lot of chapters and a WIP at the time I read it.

    • Klaroline Magazine

      Hi, the fanfiction you are referring to is Providence by hey strippah, it has since been deleted.