Review: The Maiden in the Tower by Biana Delacroix

Summary: In the forest where fairytales are born, the newest girl in a long line of sacrifices lies asleep while the spirit of an old witch feeds on her strength. Klaus is no prince charming, but to save Caroline, he’s willing to go on a quest to find the one way he might be able to wake her.

Status: Complete

Rating: T

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9702420/1/The-Maiden-in-the-Tower


Who doesn’t know the fairy tale about the girl and the curse that would put her into an eternal sleep until true love’s kiss? The one where her prince charming in his shining armour swoops into the castle and saves her and the kingdom with one simple gesture; true loves kiss?

Of course everyone is familiar with Disney’s Sleeping Beauty tale and how Prince Philip saved Princess Aurora and the kingdom, but for Caroline things are a little twisted from the original tale.

The Maiden In The Tower takes place 5 years after season four (after being done with the whole cure and Silas drama) in a small German town. The story starts with Elijah and Klaus sitting in a little coffee shop waiting for Rebekah to show up with her ‘unfortunate’ husband-to-be, Stefan. Klaus hides his disappointment well when Rebekah shows up with Stefan, Damon, and Elena in tow without any sign of the blonde vampire he wanted to see, shrugging it off quickly, blaming it on her still needing time after finding out about Hayley and the baby.

I really like how the author described Caroline’s reaction when she had confronted Klaus about the situation. At first she was angry and hurt – not because he slept with someone but because she thought that she’s not important to him anymore – then her anger faded away to be replaced by her mask that hid the hurt even though Klaus could see it clearly through her eyes.

We soon find out that Klaus has picked this particular town in Germany because of a grimoire that goes back to the 13th century. Rebekah, always being a nuisance, invited herself and everyone else to go along with Klaus to get the grimoire he seeks. So Diana – the caretaker of the grimoire – escorts the group of vampires back to where the grimoire rests; an enchanted castle. Once they reach the castle and get the grimoire, one thing leads to another and they all find themselves listening to the story of the castle and the young maiden that rests in its highest tower.

Diana explains how the maiden is under a curse, no thanks to a witch-bitch who put her into an eternal sleep so the witch could feed off her beauty and youth. She also explains how she is one of the seven keepers whose duty is to protect the girl under the spell.

Everything was going smoothly until one of the other caretakers asks them if they want to see the girl. They are all confused and shocked when they see that the girl who is resting on the bed in the middle of the room is Caroline. Klaus is the first to get over his shock as he starts demanding the caretakers to wake her up, but they kept repeating that there’s no way for Caroline to wake up from the spell. Later that night the youngest keeper tells Klaus of a way to save Caroline, and even though she warned him that none had returned from the journey, he had already set his mind on it.

I really loved how the author was able to create a surrounding that gives you the feeling that you’re actually reading a fairy tale. Like how she used a formal yet simple language and how the events occurred in an enchanted castle with a magical forest and a mystical lake. And also how she was able to cover (through flashbacks) all the whys that might cross your mind, like why did Caroline leave Mystic Falls and how did she end up in Germany?

The thought of Klaus being no knight in shining armour made itself very obvious in the story, but as you keep reading you find out that sometimes a girl doesn’t need a knight in shining armour to rescue her, she just needs someone to love her enough to do the impossible for her.

“That girl upstairs doesn’t need a knight in shining armour. She needs a knight in rusted, dented armour. Those are the ones who’ve fought the dragons”

So for all the Klaroliners who love reading short Klaroline fairy tales, this is definitely the fic for you