Summary: This is a story about what would happen if Klaus and Caroline had met when Klaus was in Alaric’s body and how the storyline of TVD could have changed if he had fallen for her earlier that he did.

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10975924/1/What-If

First, let me start with a warning that’s included by the author – immortalgod. What If has dark themes as per her words, but I would say it is with paranoid themes, paranoid Klaus. There are mentions of Damon abusing Caroline. So, if anyone of you is a DAROLINE fan, then my suggestion is not to go for this fiction.

The story starts at the time when Klaus possessed Alaric’s body, to watch the doppelganger i.e, around season 2 of TVD. Caroline, the bubbly girl, is organizing for 60s dance by the time she meets Klaus in Alaric’s body. Of course, she doesn’t know and speaks her mind when she’s approached by an intrigued Klaus/Alaric.

And that really pisses the Original. His ego kicks in and decides to teach a filthy lesson to Caroline. Some of you might cringe at the way Klaus will handle her, but it is just part of his character.

I’m speaking about *Ahem* TVD Klaus *Ahem* not the weeping TO version. No offense.

So—Coming back to the topic.

We all knew Klaus is a complex character. At one point of time, he likes to torment every poor little soul in the town and in the following moment, he’ll sit down to draw our (his) favorite baby blonde vampire. He keeps jumping from absolutely sweet or deprived soul to the most sadistic person in the history.

In this story, you’ll get to see sinister side of him which will dominate every person involved in his life. Klaus only wants to break the curse, and that was motto until he meets Caroline.

The sickening part of him will be provoked by Caroline’s pretty mouth which makes him want to play with her after controlling his urges to rip her heart out. She’ll learn that Klaus possessed Alaric, but will remain quiet. Not because she wants to but she is compelled to stay quiet.

Every time Klaus says something, there’ll be instant come back from Caroline.

But stupid Klaus always ends their argument with a threat that he would go after her loved ones if she doesn’t keep her mouth shut.

There is some unknown attraction between them despite his cruelty, which makes him conclude that he wants more of her. Though he layers it with telling that it is the part of his punishment for the way she wounded his ego. Ugh, men and their ego.

Now, the real thing starts after he broke his curse.

He daggers Elijah (like canon) and takes Caroline, Stefan along with him. For wolf-hunt! Before they are going to hit the roads, Klaus almost convinces her that he is going to violate her. But no. Klaus is many, but not a rapist. He makes clear that he will not touch her without consent.

And we knew how badly that situation would affect Caroline, as she still remembers her time with Damon.

Klaus, who is not unaware of Damon’s role in her life, will brush off her silence and then—they’ll exchange blood.

That incident will start to change both of them.

Caroline keeps getting all the unwanted, abandoned memories in her life. It truly is heart-breaking to read Caroline struggles, she cries for some redemption from this state she is in, but that doesn’t mean she is a pathetic person.

Klaus—this newly turned Hybrid—will have absolutely zero percent of idea on what’s happening with her. He’s too confused, but clearly tries to help despite her protests. And when he forces out information from Stefan about Damon and Caroline past, he is pissed off.

There—his possessive side shows by making clear that if he gets to see Damon in future, he’s dead. So dead.

If you think he is slowly going soft for the baby vampire, then you’re absolutely wrong. He still forces Caroline and Stefan to do things in his way.

Maybe once or twice, he would let go.

He’s damn twisted. That’s what I felt. And sometimes I really want to punch him, Stefan.

Stefan—for trying to protect his brother from Klaus.

There are Caroline and Katherine moments, in the first few chapters where Katherine shows a little concern to the blonde vampire. *I sensed humanity in you, Kat!*

So, if you like to read a twisted Klaus and a stubborn Caroline with some supernatural stuff that would be revealed gradually, then this is your pick. Let the author know how you felt after reading this story.