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September 2015 Blog of the Month: hummingbirdcolor

septemberYou have voted and here are the results. Congratulations to Pam, for winning September Blog of the Month with her blog hummingbirdcolor.

Pam is 21 years old, an university student in Heidelberg, a Klaroline fanatic, a JoMo lover and a chocolate junkie. She has two urls: whatiwantu and hummingbirdcolor. She tries to be as active as possible, when she can. On her main blog whatiwantu you can find lots of Klaroline quotes, opinions, some of her older graphics, but to be fair the blog is multifandom. Although it’s still 70 % Klaroline. That’s why she created hummingbirdcolor, a place solely for Klaroline graphics – manips, gifs, edits, whatever your heart desires.

Hummingbirdcolor is 100% Klaroline and 100% graphics so if you’re a fan of that, I guarantee you’ll like it. Pam spends a lot of time on her graphics. She tries to experiment with colors and textures so you’ll always be surprised with something different.

Klaus wanted, and Pam hopes still wants, to give her everything this world has to offer and he’s willing to wait for her till the end. If that’s not love then what is. Klaus and Caroline just made each other better, they complemented one another. She showed him that he was worth loving, that he can love again and in return he showed her how amazing she really is. He wanted to change for her, she didn’t force the change upon him. That’s OTP material right there. Plus the chemistry is off the charts. Pam will never stop believing they are endgame. Even if we don’t get any more scenes with them (which she highly doubts) we already know that it’s canon, that somewhere, some day in the future, they are together and are probably spending all day in bed, eating pancakes, and doing other stuff of course.

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