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September’s Blog of the Month Winner: klaroline-overdose



It’s time for the results of the Blog of the month poll again. This month’s blog of the month winner is the amazing Ellen. She is twenty two years old and comes from Brazil.

Ellen ships Klaroline because of Caroline. She always wanted someone to treat Caroline right. The way Klaus looks at her in 3×14 proves it, he was totally enchanted by her, Klaus was the guy that gave up things for her, Klaus was the one that changed for her, he’s still the sexy evil bastard but he became a better person because of her.  Klaus always put Caroline first. He respects her wishes, accepts her as who she really is and cherishes the good in her, he wants to show her the world, he knows that Mystic Falls isn’t enough for Caroline, that she deserves more and he’s willing to wait however long it takes to give it to her.

Ellen is an active person in the Klaroline fandom. Like her URL says she tries to give people a klaroline overdose. She tries to give them everything they need about Klaroline: news, Klaroline art, fanfics, funny and shipping related stuff (which includes our ongoing struggle with the writers), trends and polls. She encourages you to always vote for Klaroline.

Congratulations, Ellen.


Check out Ellen’s blog HERE


Written by Monika. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter

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