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So What Are Our Wishes for the The Vampire Diaries/The Originals Crossover?


WE ARE FINALLY GETTING OUR TIME! I refuse to believe that this crossover leads to anything but Klaroline and I know I’m not alone. Earlier this month is was announced that this season would include a crossover episode between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, both of which have moved to Friday nights for the rest of the season. The only details that were released so far was that Stefan would be traveling to the streets of New Orleans in search of a safe haven of sorts, probably something to do with the current plot line and the huntress that seems to be after them, and he runs smack dab into Klaus.


Personally, I cannot wait for this episode. Even if it’s not to the scale that Arrow and Flash are crossed over every season, this is something we’ve all been waiting for since the last crossovers, which of course included our biggest Klaroline scene ever, and there was also the Tyler Lockwood crossover. We’ve been holding out hope for another glimpse of Klaroline since season 5. I have never met a stronger branch of a fandom from any television show. We all have our own hopes and dreams for this crossover and earlier this week we sent out a tweet asking YOU for what you wanted from the crossover. These are a few of my favorites:



I really think these last tweets represent what we all want, which is pretty much what we’ve always wanted. Klaroline to be end game and for our fandom to be recognized for the incredibleness it is. We want Plec to realize how dedicated we are to this ship and how badly we want it to continue even if we have to spend two years without a single interaction between Klaus and Caroline and guess what, we’ve done just that and WE ARE STILL HERE!


We don’t have a date for the crossover, but I’m hoping it will be an even bigger deal than we expect it to. With the a chunk of main characters leaving over the last few seasons, ratings have dropped off, especially within the last season. Hopefully this crossover and the move to Friday night our ratings will raise, at least a little bit. We need a boost in plot line and overall character development. This crossover will hopefully be the start of it.


What about the rest of you? What do you hope for the crossover? Drop a note in the comments and let me know!