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Spoilers and Speculations: So Let's Talk About Caroline Driving to New Orleans in 'The Vampire Diaries' 7×13

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For those of you who are unaware or have yet to watch the highly anticipated scene, 7×13, “This Woman’s Work,” ends with Caroline driving towards New Orleans three years into the future with the twins in the back seat! As we’re very much aware, a certain Original hybrid resides there and has made it explicitly clear that she will always have a home in New Orleans…


The flash forward takes place right after Caroline gives birth in the present time. The scene begins with Caroline driving along the highway during the night as she tells Alaric that she just reached I-20 (a route in Louisiana). Ric tells her to call him once she arrives and she agrees. Before hanging up, she quickly asks about Stefan and Ric ignores her question, telling her to “Go.” Caroline then hangs up shortly after.

As soon as Caroline puts her phone down, the audience finds out that the twins are in the back seat. The tense silence is broken by a soft voice. Elizabeth, one of the twins, says “Mommy?”

Caroline then gently shushes her daughter, afraid that Elizabeth will wake her sister.

Elizabeth responds with, “Where are we going?”

And Caroline utters, “To New Orleans… To visit Mommy’s friend.”

Caroline’s eyes are then fixed onto the road with the horizon becoming sharper while the reflection in the rearview mirror becomes blurred.


Of course, because the writers of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals don’t operate on logic, this can mean many different things but from spoilers that Stephanie, Klarolinedrabbles, provided us earlier this week, it’s fair to speculate that Caroline going to New Orleans is a good thing for us. Next week, in 7×14, Caroline is going to share a phone call with Klaus and if this was going to be a one time thing like 5×11, the phone call would have been the end of it. Instead, they have set Klaroline up in the future like her future, her endgame. What this scene seems to be implying is that Klaus and Caroline have a future.


Turning our attention back to the phone call, rumor has it that the two will be rehashing their current drama, getting important exposition out of the way. From the looks of it, it seems like the shows are using Klaus’s and Caroline’s connection to tie the shows back together when they had tried so desperately to separate them before.


As well, according to spoilers, Klaus is going to be daggered (which is why Caroline won’t be able to find him) and from this scene and it seems that Caroline will be the one to save him. There is an establishment of trust between them; Caroline clearly trusts Klaus with her own life as well as the two people she loves more than anything, and Caroline is the only one who cares enough to save him.


It still isn’t clear what Caroline is running from but there’s a good chance that it has to do with the hunters. I also have a theory that the twins play an important part in that otherwise Caroline could have just left them with Alaric. And because Candice Accola will be on maternity leave, Caroline will miss a few episodes from The Vampire Diaries but Caroline just might be spending that time in New Orleans off screen. Perhaps while she’s looking for Klaus she will run into trouble that could potentially tie the shows back together. It’s clear that this crossover is pivotal to the future of both shows.


Either way, as of right now, the future looks bright for Klaroline 😉