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Hello guys! What is your supernatural alter ego? You must be thinking what a strange question. But actually it is not. It is our new and exciting quiz where you get to find out the answer. After the success of the Vampire Barbie quiz we decided to do another fun quiz.

Vampires are undead mythical creatures. Possessing super-speed and fangs. They can materialize out of thin air. Vampires can also manipulate people to their will and require blood for their survival.

Werewolves are half human and half wolves. These creatures are affected by a full moon which triggers their transition. They have beast like characteristics with ferocity and ability to hunt and track.

Hybrids are a mix of both werewolves and vampires. Super-speed, ferocity and manipulation. But all of these abilities are at a far higher level.

These fictional creatures have been used to deliver various stories. Different movies, TV shows and books are full of them. TVD/TO franchise is one among many of these famous TV shows. It not only brought us a compelling story around these creatures but also our otp , Klaroline.

So are you fascinated with the world of Vampires, Werewolves and Hybrids? Do youย wonder what you are? What would you do in a world of these mythical creatures?ย  See for yourself by taking the quiz below and let us know your results in the comment section.


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