Team Shuffle: Graphic Teams Top 10 GIFS/Graphics They Want To See Made Into Fics

To conclude our Team Shuffle week (also known as our week of going wild), the Graphics Team were challenged by the Fanfiction Team to list their top 10 graphics and gif sets that they wish would be turned into fics. So many times we see amazing art work and we wonder what’s the story behind it, and who knows more about that than the people who are used to making said artworks. Check out their faves:

1. Marcel takes Caroline captive after finding out she’s Klaus’ weakness




GIFS by royalcaliber

THIS IS ALL WE WANT AND MORE FOR KLAROLINE IN CANON. Chrizta hits it here with this gif set. As much as we don’t want our precious Caroline to be tortured again, we just want to see the rage that Klaus would unleash to those responsible. And then the rescue. The rescue. Oh, the rescue. Klaus trying to take care of Caroline, but her not needing to be coddled or protected. The stubbornness of these two idiots would be everything.


2. Klaus is abducted and Caroline uses everything in her power to find him again 





GIFS by earmole

This gif set by the talented Perr would be an amazing fic because it’s a different take on the Klaus/Caroline rescue scenario. This time, we’ve got Caroline kicking ass and taking names to rescue Klaus. We all love a badass Caroline, so this would be the greatest fic ever. No jokes. Imagine Caroline heading down to NOLA and learning about how Klaus was in chains and tortured; it would be the thing of fanon and canon dreams and we can only hope it happens. Someday.

3. Klaroline in the 1920s




GIFS by parallel-outlines

“You would’ve loved the 1920s, Caroline. The girls were reckless, sexy, fun. They literally used to dance until they dropped.” Who doesn´t love Klaroline in the 20s? We sure do! Caroline being the Vampire Queen of Chicago when he meets her in 20s Chicago is an added bonus.


4. Klaroline in the circus



GIFs by madampuddifootsteashop

This gifset is so well put together and the plot accompanying it is a wonderfully thought out blend of the movie it’s frames are borrowed from and the Original family. We are suckers for Klaroline in other decades the circus aspect of this is what breathes new life into an otherwise old idea. And who could say no to the promise of Mikaelson family feels?


5. Klaroline in Ancient Rome



GIFS by candicemorgans

One of our weaknesses are stories based around Ancient Rome or Greece, and this particular gifset details everything we would hope to find in such a fic:  long billowing dresses, carefully styled hair, hunky gladiators going at it in a grand colosseum – and sex. Never-ending sex. Yes please.


6. Klaroline in the morning





GIFS by parallel-outlines

Can you IMAGINE the Klaroline mornings? Because we sure can and this is it! Even just a one-shot, you know one of Jenn’s (cbk1000) which are 25,000+ words, just going through a week’s worth of mornings for our amazing pair. Or even one morning a month for a year. Really any amount of time, but just with our pair being sexy and sassy in the early mornings. *sigh*


7. Klaus cleaning up his house for Caroline





GIFS by earmole

Yes. This. This is what we all KNOW would happen if Caroline was headed to NOLA. Klaus, in his ever controlling ways, would work to make sure that EVERYTHING was perfect for when his Queen comes to town. Since, sadly, we just don’t see this happening in canon, we can only hope that one of ANY of the AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT Klaroline fanfic writers will take this and run with it. Run with it to a 100,000+ word fic full of sass, snark, Marcel and Caroline becoming BFFs, and Klaus becoming the interior decorator that Elijah WISHES he was in canon.


8. Klaus daggers Caroline because he’s afraid someone will use her against him

GIFS by hoddor

This AU gifset shows how Klaus kills Caroline to protect himself. This fanfic could show his feelings and what pushed him to do such a thing. Would he be able to live with what he did?


9, Klaus’ brother Henrik comes back to the land of the living as the new big bad




GIFS by hybridlovelies

There are many fanfics where Klaus’ younger brother is alive but we have yet to read one where Henrik is the big bad. This idea is an suprising twist on Henrik that we think could be very interesting.


10. Klaroline as soul mates separated by time

Graphic by moonandstarscollide

This little snippet is not enough! Erica, please write this fanfic! Everyone loves some angst once in a while and soulmates separated by time trying to find each other, while one of them unbeknownst is involved in a plot to kill the other can provide plenty.