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If you are interested in being a part of the magazine and working with our team, then we’d advise you to take a look at the Job Descriptions below, and if any of those interest you apply at the bottom. Unfortunately we do not have the funds to currently pay team members but we are working on a contingency plan, but in the meantime you will gain valuable experience and get to meet awesome people.

Writers will need to contribute a minimum of three articles a month.


Business/Advertising – We need someone with a business-like mind who will be able to help the team with initiatives to create a revenue so that we can expand the site as well as show more appreciation for team members. If you have a background in business, have ideas and are keen to give up your time to help out the mag, please contact us.



Fanfiction Content WriterWe require content writers for our team. Content Writers in the Fanfiction Team are responsible for creating various Fanfiction Articles and lists . Please link us or copy/paste an example of your writing.

Graphics: GIF/Graphics Maker – We require graphic/GIF makers who will required to make graphics etc for our various sites as well as graphics to support the features of sections. Please link us to examples of your work in your application.

Fanwork: Graphics Content WriterDo you spend your days pouring the perfection of graphics and gifs that the Klaroline is gifted with? We require people to spotlight the work of the amazing graphic and gif makers in the fandom, interview them and display their work. Please link us or copy/paste an example of your writing.

Fanwork: Videos Content Writer – We require a content writer, who would be required to create articles, lists, interview video makers etc for the section. You have to be an avid watcher of Klaroline fanvids, and be able to speak on your favourite vid makers on a moment’s notice. Please link us or copy/paste an example of your writing.



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