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The All-New Klaroline Fanfiction Quiz

The klaroline fanfiction quiz is back! I can almost sense that excitement so without wasting any time with my rambling lets get on with the quiz!


[slickquiz id=24]


Written by Sahar and Alison

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  • 5654funny


    the cw network raitings are really bad can you please help them Regin and Jane the Virgin needs because their raitings are really bad

    • clara

      I don’t really think this website can help with two other shows. I’d say the 100 needs higher ratings just as much

  • My score: 6/12 and my ranking: “I think its time to study less and read fanfic more!” LOL You killed me Sahar!! hahahahahha πŸ˜€

  • Lou

    10/12 lol, I think it read too much ^^

  • Lia

    8 / 12, I have to read more