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The Art of Comedic Fanfic Writing

You open a story and the first line is about Kol and Enzo taking Caroline out for a night on the town. From Kol’s very first ‘darling,’ you’re grinning.  By the time Klaus arrives on the scene, you’re actually giggling. You know the stories I’m talking about, the ones that make you chuckle, smile, maybe even actually laugh. Sometimes they’re pure crack!fic, other times there’s actual plot, but they’re always the stories that manage to walk that fine line between entertaining and bizarre without ever fully crossing over.


Let’s face it, our fandom could use a few good laughs. Between characters dying and Elena being in a coma and Klaus telling bedtime stories to a baby, there’s honestly not a whole lot to laugh about in canon… So that means that it’s up to us to provide these moments of brevity for ourselves. So… How exactly does one go about doing that?



  • Have a good time. What’s the point in writing something funny if you don’t enjoy it? Humor isn’t something that you can force – it’s something you have to genuinely enjoy doing. So when you’re writing something humorous, do it because you need the laugh, or want to smile. The words will flow far more easily.

    This includes writing about the characters you like and about storylines you like. The wonderful thing about fanfiction is that you can easily ignore the bits of canon you don’t like, or ignore canon all together. Write an all human AU, write in a world 500 years down the road where Caroline is in New Orleans; the main thing is to make sure you enjoy what you’re writing about.


  • Play up the characters foibles. Caroline stress cleans. She could pretty much write the book on what being a type-A personality is. Klaus is a drama queen of epic proportions. These are canon traits. You don’t have to make up anything when it comes to making these two funny. They have the base, just play those traits up. Use them to write a story about Caroline’s breakdown when Klaus leaves bloody bodies freaking everywhere and refuses to have the common decency to clean them up.

    This might seem a little odd, but humor is very much about drama. So take those little things that would drive the members of our OTP insane if they lived together, and run with it.


  • Use real life. Did something happen to you that made you laugh? Or to a co-worker or friend? Use it. Write about that time the Hutterite flirted with Caroline in Tim Hortons (maybe a convenient Klaus stepped in to play fake boyfriend?). Take advantage of something that happened in your day and imagine how our favorite OTP would handle it (… if the answer is dead bodies, maybe don’t go into detail about how they ended up dead).

    These two might be vampires (if you’re using canon), but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to the everyday absurdities that we all face. So have them face it, and then watch the fireworks fly. Because I’m pretty sure if Klaus put up with some of the BS we all face on the daily, there would be a lot more dead idiots in the world.


  • Channel reality television. This one might seem odd, but think about it for a moment. Caroline is a contestant on America’s Next Top Model and Klaus is the asshole judge that she ends up having a fling with. The cast go Real World. There is nothing quite as ridiculous as reality television and humor is all about the ridiculous. So if you’re in a funny mood but lack inspiration, just sit down and watch a few episodes of Dance Moms and see what ideas are spawned.

    (Besides, you can’t tell me that Kol wouldn’t be 110% on board the Jackass train if given half the chance, and isn’t that an AU we’d all love to see?)


  • Don’t be afraid to be silly. This is probably the most important thing I can suggest. You want to write about Caroline’s adventures with Kol and Enzo going to Whitecastle and how Klaus has to bail them out of jail? Go for it! You think it would be interesting to explore Elijah’s apparent addiction to suits and what happens when someone cuts the boob area out a la Mean Girls? Why not? Anything that makes you chuckle is perfectly valid when you’re writing humor. If you’re going to write something funny, then don’t be afraid to go all out and full on crack!fic.



At the end of the day, the key to humor is to keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be all grand gestures and absurd occurrences. It’s, simply put, writing about reality. Because there is nothing that is more funny than reality. Humans as a species are absurd creatures, and even vampires were humans at one point.


So go forth and make us laugh, writers!  


Oh, and if in doubt… never forget that dragons automatically make everything better.