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The Klaroline Awards are back

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Awards season in the Klaroline fandom is among us yet again! Our fandom takes events seriously, and the annual Klaroline Awards is no different. We’ve survived a very tough year of uphill battles, and it’s time we take a step back and show some love and appreciation to those we admire for their continuous fandom efforts.

It’s no secret that the Klaroline fandom has arguably some of the most talented people around, that being said, the Klaroline Awards really allows us to burrow deep into fandom life and remove the focus from the shows and everything associated with it. This is about the people in our fandom, that inspire us to keep shipping, and provides us with feels on a daily basis. While it’s nice to show love for the show’s and the ship itself seeing as it’s the reason we’re all here, it’s good to shed light on how some of us are able to remain here when the bigger things get tough. This is a fandom where the power and force lies solely within the shippers, and it’s as good a time as any that we honor that.

The Klaroline Awards suggests a few dates for your calendar’s,

The Nominations phase–July 1st-July 10th

Nominations final tally/informing nominees/poll making–July 11th-July 14th

Voting Phase–July 15th-August 4th

Winners Announcement–August 8th

For info on new categories to make yourself aware of, this is where you’ll find it. We also recommend that you follow the Klaroline Awards tumblr page as they do post frequent updates and answer questions that may have important information. The Awards will also be accepting suggestions for new categories up until June 30th, so get your idea’s in!

We as a fandom may struggle with canon and those in charge, but if there’s a place where things are always brighter, it’s within our own fandom. There are constant new shippers with various contributions, and insights. There are all the fic’s, video’s, and GIF’s, that always remind us just how much we love what we ship. Please do join the fandom in what is sure to be a magnificent coming together of appreciation for what we all do for each other.