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The Originals Season 4 Episode 2 "No Quarter" Review.

This episode of The Originals, No Quarter, had a slightly different tone to it than last weeks, but the message still stands. Come hell or high water or in this case Marcel; The Mikaelsons are going to fight always and forever for each other.

What you need to know:

  • The Mikaelsons spare no time in starting their rescue efforts to retrieve Klaus. After a great opening feast on some prisoners, they head into town to search and threatening anyone they can in this quest to save their brother. Josh happens to be just that person if he wants to keep his new boyfriend alive.
  • Rebekah takes the task of confronting Marcel and some hard truths about their relationship along with pleading (in a very Mikaelson way) for him to release her brother. Marcel has other plans in motion and only proves Rebekah right when his friend shoots an arrow taking her down. Good thing for Rebekah Kol soon comes to her aid.
  • While Marcel and the siblings go to war, Klaus is in his hell below the city. However, he is not alone, going back and forth with Cami (himself) about what we all know to be Klaus’s biggest fear. Loneliest and turning into Mikael, forcing him to ask if he is good for his daughter Hope. In the end, Klaus knows he must protect, love and cherish his daughter. Everything he feels he never received, along with understanding it will be Hope’s choice, but she still needs her father.
  • Elijah faces Marcel as Hayley comes to break it up and try to find the friend she once saw in Marcel. Telling him that Hope needs her father, as Marcel faces his real anger at Klaus for letting him down as a father.
  • Marcel reluctantly agrees to let them leave. Once they arrive outside the house, Klaus enjoys his time with a few and ends the night watching his little girl sleep.

So far this season of The Originals is starting out right. As always the best episodes of this series are the ones that focus on The Mikaelsons. I think season 3 wasted much time in the first part of the series and got even better in the last. Happy to see that they are starting out just as strong as they left off. Although I am getting tired of Marcel going back and forth with his father issues with Klaus.( but I do not fault Marcel.) This storyline has been dropped plenty of times only to pick back up later; I do hope this time is the last. However, I do think this storyline falls more into Klaus finding his redemption. How can he be a great father to Hope if he was never one to Marcel or at least tries to fix it? The whole family together was great as always. Special shoutout to Kol Mikaelson…glad to see you back. I think this Kol is the one everyone remembers from TVD a bit more. I am keeping my eye on Freya; I believe she is going to possibly be the most lethal of The Mikaelsons, as we have seen with Davina,  she will do whatever it takes no matter what for her family.

Cami and Klaus dialogue dragged for me this episode, but most of their therapy session always did for me. How the writers decided to incorporate their relationship in this episode, really was a great representation of all it was for Klaus. I will agree that Klaus did care for Cami and I think he was in love with the idea of how Cami saw him. As the frightened little boy that needed nurturing from a mother that turned her back on him and from a father that despised him. The boy/man who wanted to be good. From the starting dialogue, you see that he is feeling sorry for himself and doubting his abilities as a father. Towards the end of the session, Klaus is fighting back with Cami’s support eventually breaking through to help himself and Freya. However, in the end, Cami disappears once he is strong again, to me that summed up everything that was Klaus and Cami. Moreover, I am glad that chapter is closed.

This part did have many similarities to The Vampire Diaries episode 4.18, where Klaus thought he had been stabbed by the white oak dagger, but it turns out it was Silas’ mind game. However, the approach by Caroline was unapologetic, which worked a lot quicker and had more lasting results. Which brings up the difference between both of these ships, like what you may but for me, Klaus needs someone that is not going to pacify the fact that he has been ruthless and done terrible things because in the end all of those decisions carry the same weight as what his parents inflicted on him. Caroline was always good at pointing that out along with the goodness in him. She saw that way before Cami but she also never forgot the monster he was/could be and made him take responsibility for it. Which made Klaus grow a lot throughout TVD. Whereas Cami spoke more to the broken child and, Caroline spoke more to the broken man. Klaus could certainly use someone like that in his corner for the battle he faces this season on The Originals.

What did you think of this week’s episode?