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Top 10 Different Types of Klaroline Shippers You'll Meet



Hang around these halls enough and you’ll meet your fair share of shippers, some of them will just flit in and out of your life, others you will remember fondly, while still others you will be telling your grandchildren about in order to scare them into behaving. Here’s just a list that I made about the ones I see around the most, see if you can spot yourself or one of your friends in the list.

1. The ‘all I talk about is Klaroline’ shipper

These are dire times that we are in, it has almost been a year since Klaus and Caroline have shared a screen, a lot of people have moved on to other TVD/TO couples, and since the disintegration of both shows even more people have moved on to flashier and more recent ships in other fandoms so it’s easy to fear that others have forgotten Klaroline. These particular shippers can be found everywhere, chat rooms, discussion boards, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, constantly talking about Klaroline. They eat Klaroline, they drink Klaroline, every song they listen to has to pertain to Klaroline, every film or tv show they watch they compare to Klaroline, they only read Klaroline fanfiction. And any conversation not about Klaroline, they will try and slip Klaroline in and try to change around the convo like one of those pick up 4 cards in Uno.

2. The ‘random break out into tears’ shipper

I for one, know that Klaroline feels can sneak up on you when you least expect it, like when you see a rack of Henley shirts when you’re shopping for a Christmas gift for your brother or when you’re at a Bon Jovi concert, right up near the stage, and Jon Bon Jovi (who, lets be real, its super hot for an old guy) starts singing Always and the tears start pouring because OMG you’ve never noticed how Klaroline it was before and it looks weird because you are this girl in her 20s crying, and your friends are like ‘WTF bro?’ and you are like ‘just leave me alone with my feels’. Not that like this has happen before or anything.

But back to the point, these shippers are the ones who at totally unexpected moments, start crying about the sadness that is Klaroline, it usually comes out of the left field, and they usually aren’t happy until everyone around them are sad about Klaroline too, so they’ll send you klaroline quotes, post new things they just realised on their social media accounts, link you to fan vids, excerpts from fanfic, pictures etc, they are unyielding in their desire to see you just as miserable as them. Fine upstanding citizens indeed.

3. The ‘I’m going to analyze every moment to mean Klaroline’ shipper

These shippers are our little soldiers, these are the ones that muscle through the trenches and find us little clues or easter eggs just to make sure that we don’t entirely lose hope. They watch both shows (an achievement all on its own) and look for clues in the dialogue or storyline which might look as if the writers are smarter than they seem and are actually building towards a Klaroline storyline, they read those pesky painful interviews which I like to pretend do not exist and search for references or at least to points that the producers are losing their marbles (which lets be serious, they are). Even more so, they enjoy discussing and rediscussing the shows, the relationships and predictions until every one who follows or chats to them starts believing that Klaroline is inevitable too.

4. The ‘too cool for school unless there is a big scene’ shipper

I was exposed to these lot around about the 5×11 hype. They were more of ‘guilty pleasure shippers’. We all have those shows that we watch casually and the couples that we love on there while our blogs are filled up with our main fandoms (shout out to Bo and Hope from Days of Our Lives) and many people are too embarrassed to admit that they were once a fan of TVD (I can’t say I blame you) but when the Klaroline scenes in TVD100 were teased and the promos were out, I swore I saw Klaroline fans coming out of every nook and cranny: from randoms that went to high school with me on Facebook, to that girl that talked too much at the one place I worked at on Twitter, to the blog I followed because they posted lovely Game of Thrones GIFS. In the midst of fandom hysteria, not even the cool can deny the Klaroline appeal.

6. The ‘jump on the bandwagon’ shipper

In social conventions, these types of people are referred to as ‘good time friends’, these are the ones that around when the going is good, then the champagne is flowing, the producers are kind, the storyline is going `our way, and we win every war. But the minute darkness clouds over us as when our favorite coupling are separated, when the cast and crew have nothing but ugly words to say about us, when we feel broken down and defeated, these shippers are no where in sight. Where are they, you might ask? They have found the next party, the next ship that the producers have smiled upon and have canon storylines. These types of shippers never find their rest, but they are also a writer and producer’s dream, they eat what is thrown at them, they don’t have ties and alliances, and they don’t think too critically about the ship or shows.

7. The ‘that’s what she said’ shipper

Klaroline is a very hot couple, throughout all of their interactions we could practically feel the layer of thick sexual tension underlying and before they did the deed in all our headcanons they were fantasizing about getting naked with each other and since then in our headcanons, they keep reminiscing about their rendezvous in the woods. These kind of shippers take it further than most, everything, every interaction, every bit of dialogue uttered, every mannerism can be brought back to them just wanting to getting it on. These shippers are also extremely witty, and can make you laugh constantly by making connections you haven’t even noticed before and help to keep this fandom horny, the way we like to be.

7. The ‘wish I could forget, but these pretty gifsets are making it hella difficult’ shipper

Shipping Klaroline is like being in the mafia it’s hella difficult to get out, and I know many comrades in the fandom, who because of all the pain and suffering that we have been dealt, have thrown in the towel and tried to just erase Klaroline from their lives: they deleted their blogs, they immersed themselves in other ships and fandoms, they pulled an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but yet they just could not get away. They would see an extract from a fanfic and they would read it and then by 3am they are huddled up in the foetal position, while they read 43 more fanfics, listening to klaroline playlists on 8tracks and reblogging the whole #kcedits tag, or retweeting everything klaroline they could find. Then they would try and cleanse again, and they will a gifset float by on their dash and the cycle will begin again. “I just can’t quit you” they will whisper as they watch all the klaroline fanvids.

8. The ‘I’m not in denial, Klaroline will share a screen again unless Julie Plec wants me to unleash the dragon’ shipper

I mean this purely in the Targaryen version of ‘unleash the dragon’ not the Sisqo version, which would be rather creepy. Many of us just strongly hope that in our lifetime we will be able to see Klaroline together again and preferably as endgame, but there are others that have no doubts that this will happen. These shippers are willing to use anything in their arsenal to make sure this happen, they will fight for it, they will spend hours voting in polls, creating petitions, will tweet at and comment on everywhere that they can, they will make sure the CW quakes in their boots when they hear the term ‘klaroline’.These shippers are dedicated, and committed and they are no sitting ducks, they will do what they can to make sure that we all get the ending that we deserve.

9. The ‘I told you I was over this but I just made 20 gifsets and manips of Klaroline’ shipper

Hang out in the ‘kcedits’ tag and look at the tags that the giffers and graphic makers use when they post their work. Some of them tend to go generic, and have embraced their attachment to the ship but in many others you’ll see #i told myself i was over you, #why cant i stop giffing you, #i miss you so much #why are so perfect, #why cant i replace you in my heart, etc. Refer to my earlier statement about Klaroline being like the mafia, or in this case perhaps crack, we just can’t quit it.

10. The ‘however long it takes’ shipper

This is the healthy shipper that we all aim to be, the kind that does not deny it’s past, accepts their dedication and love for the ship but to a healthy degree and continues to root and support for the ship, encourages the fandom and upholds their friendships when there are good times and bad times. Klaroline is not an easy ship to ship but as long as we keep repeating and living our prayer ‘however long it takes’ our marathon that all too often can be seen as wrought with sadness and bad times can be peppered with great friendships, amazing creativity and works of art and lovely stories to tell our grandkids. You make your own shipper experience, so drink a cup of positivity, strike up conversations with shippers you haven’t spoken before, write that fic you always wanted to write, make that graphic or gif or video, and stop watching the shows if they’re making you miserable, make decisions to make your life in the fandom happier. We can’t change the way the producers and other shippers treat us but we can change how we react to it.

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