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Top 10 Fake Dating/Relationship Fics

The August Trope of the Month Winner is Fake Relationships! I don’t know about you but I love fake relationship stories, especially since it’s inevitable that they fall in love in the end. I especially enjoy the love/hate relationship in the beginning and the pretending in front of others; and most importantly trying to deny the growing feelings for each other. Here’s the top ten fics and drabbles dealing with fake relationships.

Everybody Talks by MarvelousKatie

Okay so let’s start with a story in which Caroline and Klaus aren’t fake dating, but rather Elena and Klaus for publicity reasons. Of course this goes on for a while but we all know Klaus is enamored with our precious blonde and she can’t help but fall for his charms. In this fic you get to see dark and broody Klaus ( I mean I would be too, if I was forced to be paired up with Elena). The story has a lot of twists and turns and drama and is definitely an enjoyable read.

One Small Hitch by Jomoholic

Klaus is friends with Stefan who is also Caroline’s brother (LOL), and he and Caroline are returning home to visit their families. Before boarding the plane, Klaus finds out his father is dying and he wishes he could see Klaus married, and there you have Klaroline faking a relationship. The story is still in progress, however there’s the usual Klaroline banter and drama from the beginning, plus an overprotective brother. This story is based off the movie One Small Hitch. I personally can’t wait to see how it all plays out. This is definitely a story to check out.

Rent me your hand by llgwrites

Klaroline and their fake dating starts off in a really unconventional way, with Klaus asking Caroline to be his fake fiancé out of the blue. Klaus is an artist and meets Caroline, or rather catches her crashing his party, and he offers her a deal to be his fake fiancé for a bit and then ditch him at the altar. Caroline is her usual bubbly self, with Klaus finding her beautiful, and it looks like things may begin to get hard for him (pun intended). This story is still in progress, and ends off on a bit of a cliffhanger (Luce I am waiting for you to update… soon).

Star Attraction by WarriorPrincess3

Klaus and Caroline meet at the club in this story and do the dirty. However, since Klaus is an actor, Klaroline is then splashed all over the news. Klaus is trying to get a role in a movie, but can only do so if he works on his reputation. To do this he needs to fake date Caroline and show the world that whatever they had wasn’t just some one night stand. The story is still in progress and last we saw Klaus and Caroline were getting to know one another. I can’t wait to see what happens next, especially since Klaus can be such a prick yet such a sweetheart.

In the Land of a Billion Lights by xxredwineandambiencexx

This story is pretty sweet and has some angsty moments. Klaus is a musician who just got out of a bad break up and is one of Elena’s clients. Due to his break up he is in a pretty bad place and Elena resorts to getting help from Caroline. Caroline and Klaus pretend to fake date, but in actual fact they become friends and she becomes this light in his life. They begin working together and writing music together and slowly get closer. There’s these awkward moments between them, deep conversations, and of course the thick sexual tension.

Marriage of Convenience by Chel 90210

Klaus is in fear of being deported and the only way to stop that from happening is to get married. He offers Caroline lots of money for helping him out. In this fic, Klaus is pretty much an asshole. He treats Caroline quite badly but all in all he can’t get her out of his head and to try and forget about her and his growing feelings he pushes her away and hurts her. This story was quite enjoyable to read because it tends to stay quite true to Klaus’ character that we saw in the beginning and the ways he would lash out and hurt others to protect himself and to not show any weakness.

The Contract by Desi44

First off I have to say I really love this fic and it needs to be updated please! Okay, so Caroline and Stefan are Klaus’ assistants and they need to find him someone to marry, because Mikael decided that he wants Klaus to be deported. Klaus eventually manages to convince Caroline to do it since he isn’t happy with the other choices. This story has a lot of twists and turns, with Klaus and Caroline falling for each other but being too afraid to admit it. The nice thing about this story is that you see Caroline interact and banter with Rebekah- which is always entertaining, rearranging Klaus’s furniture, and also getting glimpses of the past events and how Klaroline met and when they began falling for each other. The only thing is this story has been on hiatus (not abandoned I hope) for a long time and needs to be updated ASAP.

Green Card by a-little-blonde-distraction

I really love this fic as it has both Klaus and Caroline pretending to be engaged to get something. Klaus needs a green card and Caroline wants to live in an apartment that only accepts married couples. Klaus and Caroline move in together and there’s arguments, drama, late night conversations, and certain dreams. This fic sees Klaus and Caroline having to interact with family members and trying to keep up the façade. There’s also reference to something having happened to Caroline which scares her, especially with some Klaus-like outbursts. The only problem is this fic hasn’t been updated in awhile, but it’s a pretty good and entertaining read.

It was all for you (a Klaroline Christmas special) by Wandering Princess

Okay so this drabble is different, with Stefan and Caroline fake-engaged for publicity reasons. Stefan inevitably breaks her heart at their June wedding (here’s to hoping Klaus crashes the wedding if it happens on the show and snags Caroline… he intends to be her last after all). This drabble is pretty fast paced with a lot of different things happening with all the characters, but it all comes down to Caroline and Klaus falling in love… Oh and another little boy stealing her heart. If you want to know more, I would suggest checking this drabble out.

Collision Course by Sophia Chase

Okay so this story starts off with Klaroline meeting on a plane and of course annoying each other which leads to drinking, which leads to sleeping together, which then leads to finding out you are married. Yup married, which isn’t a good thing when you are both celebrities. Due to this they have to keep up the charade; there’s arguments, heartache, disappointment, and of course hot steamy scenes and the best part is the interaction with all the other characters and the drama surrounding them all. This is definitely a rollercoaster of a read.


There you have it!