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Top 10 Femme Fatale Fics

Hey there, Klaroliners! Hope everyone has had a lovely St. Patty’s and even if you weren’t geared up to drink and be merry, hopefully you’re as excited about the new possibilities for our favorite ship after that finale of TVD. It’s sad to see the series go after 8 seasons, but with an ending like that, I think it’s safe to say there is hope for us yet! But since the future of our ship is still tbd, let’s settle up with this month’s Trope Poll winner and the topic of this month’s Top Ten list: Femme Fatale.

Our favorite baby vampire is just the sweetest ray of sunshine; you could almost say she’s ‘full of light.’ Nonetheless, we’re all perfectly aware of the Sasha Fierce bad ass she can be when she wants to, and that’s what being a femme fatale is all about.

So here we are with the Top 10 list celebrating just that!


A Dangerous Game by Erin Salvatore
In this AU/AH taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana, Klaus Mikaelson is a Detective in the New Orleans Police Department, and his case? A series of burglaries taking place in nearly two dozen homes of the most well off residences in the city. He knows exactly who’s behind them; notorious cat burglar Caroline Forbes. Klaus has been trying to catch her for a while, but what happens when he finally gets her in his grasp?


Queen of the Heartless by melanoradrood
In this AU we have a a major role reversal. Instead of Klaus being the big bad Original Hybrid, Caroline is the thousand year old vampire leaving death and destruction in her wake. This girl has got all the power. Not only that, but the switch is made amongst the others as well; this isn’t the Mystic Falls you know, the gang taking the Original moniker and the Mikaelsons being the towns most unlucky bunch of humans.


Terrible Love by Litlover 101
Another Role Reversal where Klaus is the human and Caroline is the vampire. Not only that, but she’s a Salvatore, the sister to Damon (not Stefan as it were). Klaus bears a resemblance to someone Caroline used to know a long time ago, and the urge to get closer and take him, blood and body, is becoming hard to resist. What will happen if she can’t stay away? Should she stay away? I don’t think that’s ever stopped this Caroline before.


Boys only want love if it’s torture by Klarogasms
An AU/AH (Major Character Death Warning) where after stealing the cure and murdering the Geminis, the Originals are being hunted by what’s left of the Petrovas. Klaus falls into Caroline’s grasp after being lured into an alleyway. Dark Caroline is dangerous, but a Caroline who isn’t afraid to kill? Better watch your back, Mikaelson, cause she’s coming for you.


Mr And Mrs Mikaelson by proudesian
An AU/AH where Klaus and Caroline meet, getting swept up in a whirlwind romance. A year and a half later the two are happily married and on their way to domestic bliss. Or they were. It turns out that sweet Nik isn’t an architect like he claimed to be. In fact, it turns out Caroline’s husband left out quite a few things when they got married, but she has no choice but to face them now, especially when it puts them both in danger.


Disciples Of Beauty by Avari20
In this AU/AH, Klaus is one of the most infamous art thieves there is. So when the prized piece he has his eye on disappears into thin air, he’s more than a little territorial. Burglars shouldn’t get burgled, and notorious thieves don’t have their marks taken before they can stake their own (illegal) claim. He’s determined to find the competition, and when he does, he’s surprised to find that she flirted that 38 carat diamond right out from under his nose.


Demeter’s Daughter by AmericanWordsmith
A canon divergent piece taking place after episode 16 of season 6, Caroline not only turns off her humanity, but she hightails it out of Mystic Falls. Now in the bed of temptation and debauchery that is New Orleans, she’s determined to keep it off. And then in walks Klaus, surprised to say the least. Can she manage to keep those emotions out or can he bring her back into the light?


Purgatory by Scarletborn
Canon divergent post season 5. The Other Side has been destroyed, so all the supernatural beings had to go somewhere. Caroline always thought it was heaven or hell, but sometimes the in between can be much worse. A year later she has escaped purgatory, only her body seems to be carrying not only her soul, but that of Kol Mikaelson. Making her way to NOLA, she seeks help from the Originals to help restore him to his body, and hopefully before hers gives out.


Revenge by Klaroline-Fantasies
An AU where humans know more about the supernatural world than just the stories heard at bedtime. It’s a dangerous time for everyone involved, leading our Caroline to be a little darker than in TVD. When she ends up trusting the wrong people though, she ends up with one of the most lethal of the creatures of the night looking for revenge, and Klaus Mikaelson is not one to be trifled with.


If i had a heart by DrawingScars
Pretty much canon divergent from the get go, the story follows the plot of TVD, only Caroline isn’t like the one we’re familiar with. She’s a witch. After running away and being assumed dead for 2 years, Caroline returns to Mystic Falls seeking answers. This takes place between season 3 and 4, putting her right into the thick of the Mystic gang drama, and right in the path of one Klaus Mikaelson.


There you have them! Hope you enjoyed this month’s trope winner list! Be sure to tune in next month and cast your vote for the theme of April’s Top Ten list!