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Top 10 Coffee Shop AUs

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The June Trope of the Month winner is Coffee Shop AU! Whether it be meeting in a coffee shop, being rivals and owners of different coffee shops, or one of them working in a coffee shop as a barista and the other coming in for the company and not really the coffee, either way you can picture the arguments, the sizzling chemistry, and the passion. Here are ten amazing fics and drabbles that involve two of my favorite things, Klaroline and coffee.


Something’s Brewing by clementimy

We all love the hate-to-love story for Klaroline as you get to see the witty banter and can just feel the heat between them, and what better way to experience the chemistry than to have Klaus and Caroline working at rival coffee stores? Especially when Klaus’ oh so charming self manages to piss Caroline off from the beginning.

Slight Chance of Rain Ahead by ObsessiveCompulsiveImpulsive

This a very unconventional two-shot. Klaus is a waiter at a restaurant where Caroline is supposed to be meeting someone else. Instead of serving her he decides to join her and get to know her before her mystery date shows up. Klaus is his usual charming self and manages to persuade Caroline to let him join her (let’s be honest though, if a hot waiter like Joseph Morgan asked me if he could join me, I would probably be saying yes too). This story is funny and interesting and shows Klaus wanting to get to know Caroline. There is a downside though- the story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and hasn’t been updated. On the bright side, you can use your imagination and picture different ways for it to play out.

Mishaps by lannisterofslytherin

This is a cute, fluffy one-shot in which Klaus visits the coffee shop that Caroline works at, just to see her. You get to see the inner workings of Klaus Mikaelson’s mind, which for me is always fun to see. Klaus is vulnerable and anxious and it’s a joy to read.

Black Coffee by xxDeadInsidexx

This is a 20 chapter drabble series with short and flowing chapters. It shows the instant connection between Klaus and Caroline and that desperation of wanting to know and be with one another. There are intense stares, sexual tension, and a little bit of drama.

Millions of dollars of tea and coffee by themikaelsoncupcake

Okay so looking at the title, you’re probably thinking it has something to do with Klaus and Caroline spending tons of money on caffeinated beverages (hmm could be possible); however in this case, it doesn’t. Caroline is a coffee barista and Klaus walks in. They end up having a drink together and get talking. Add in a lottery of $800 million dollars and you’ve got a very unconventional beginning to a love story.

Untitled drabble by itsnotacrimetoloveyou

A cute and fluffy drabble with Caroline as a coffee barista and Nathan as her customer. Yup Nathan, because apparently our sexy hybrid (in this case sexy human) likes to use fake names when ordering coffee from Starbucks. You must be wondering why huh? Well, then you have to read this drabble to find out and see how Caroline reacts when she finds out the truth.

Interview with a rockstar by gooddame

Okay I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for Klaus as a musician stories; I can totally imagine him on stage with that smoldering look and smirk… Okay I need to stop. Moving on, this story deals with Klaus who is a musician in a rock and roll band and a single father (it’s totally okay in AH fics), who meets up with Caroline, a journalist. Their interview is a little steamy if you ask me and something that should be in the papers. Aside from the steaminess, there’s the usual Klaroline banter and charm. Definitely a drabble worth checking out.

Fly with me by thetourguidebarbie

Okay so this is a smoking hot drabble. There’s a role reversal with Klaus being the barista and Caroline constantly needing coffee, being a med student and all. Klaus has a bad boy vibe going for him and it’s hot! There’s the banter and the sizzling chemistry and a bit of a twist, and of course smut ensues.

Coffee Shop by Klaraholic

Seeing a beautiful stranger in a coffee shop and the urge to get to know her and know what is causing the pain behind her eyes, that’s what this drabble is about. Klaus is a writer and wants to know who is the mysterious beauty who has become his muse. The story is beautiful and different and just makes you love Klaroline even more.

Sugar and Spice by EmisonHeaven

Think Klaroline in the Friends universe. Okay so not exactly, but similar. Caroline is the waitress and Klaus is the annoying thorn in her side that just won’t give up on wanting her. He is his usual charming self and she’s her usual Caroline Forbes. This drabble is cute and funny, and you really can’t wait to see if Caroline gives in.


So there you have it! The top ten fics chosen for the Coffee Shop AU trope, ENJOY!