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Top 10 Foolproof Pick Up Lines for Klaroliners


I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m immune to pick up lines, I’m just immune to the ones that have been used on me so far but do believe that if an incredibly smart or creative one was tried I might be tempted to balk a bit. So here’s my top 10 list of Klaroline-tailed lines that should work on majority of Klaroliners.

1. ‘I fancy you’


An oldie but a goodie. Unlike Caroline, most of us swooned when Klaus uttered those words to Caroline at the dance. He seemed so nervous, and vulnerable, but so sure of his feelings, I still get chills to this day when I think about it. Those three words were simple, and utterly British, and so Klaus-like, that it seemed genuine, and I think even more for most of us it’s the fact that for once no one had to be convinced and grow into liking Caroline (cough cough Stefan). Here was this guy who was 100% sure of what he felt for her, none of these teenage boys dancing around the issue, insecure and not willing to say how he feels, and Klaus was totally unashamed. And I don’t know about you, but a man who’s completely into me and sure about it would be a kind relief.

2. ‘You want to go check the sturdiness of that tree over there’


Outdoor sex has never really held any appeal for me, mainly because I don’t like the outdoors and getting sand in awkward places, but also because I don’t like the idea of Japanese tourists stumbling upon me and taking incriminating pictures, you know the usual. But I have to admit that Klaroline brought a new spin on it, you could say they ‘klarofied’ it, I can see the appeal of the rough bark scratching against your back, the leaves filtering down the harder the thrusts become, the birds whistling some good time jams, the smell of fresh air opening up your senses, color me convinced.

3. ‘If you are ever bitten by a werewolf, I would save you every time’


Werewolf bites are a bit of a touchy subject with Klaroline, because let’s be frank and admit that both times Caroline was bitten was because of Klaus and the second time he even did it himself. But both times he saved her (which doesn’t make it okay, but you catch my drift). The important part of this line and perhaps the scenes itself is that this guy who is trying to get with ya, is willing to save you even if you are his weakness, even if you could be his downfall. He might make dumb decisions but right in the knick of time he knows what he has to do to value you. So perhaps give the poor little supernatural murderer a chance.

4. ‘I would save you over my sister’


Let me just say, I get Rebekah’s anger in 4×01, even though I gushed when Klaus rushed to save Caroline, but if my brother had to go and save some girl over me I would riot. But I still believe that is one of the truly heartwarming underrated Klaroline moments. I think for the first time we got to see how important Caroline is to him and this ‘almost’ she represented in his life. He was not ready for her to be out of this world. As a sister to a brother, I think I would be quite pissed with a guy who leaves his sister and saves me instead, but in the same breath I can understand how much someone would have to care for you in order to save you over their blood sibling.

5. ‘You look ravishing in that dress’


Before 3×14, ravishing used to just refer to food, which might just tell you a bit more about where my heart lies. But post-3×14 and the way Klaus looked like he could eat Caroline on the spot, I can see the comparison. But everything about that episode was magical, it was every inch of Klaus was enamored and consumed with her and if I am ever lucky enough to have someone be so into me, I would take a chance as well.

6. ‘My idea of hot hybrid sex would be with you’

Back in the day when TVD still stuck to it’s own mythology it was established within canon that both vampires and werewolves were super horny all the time, so in my head hybrids are double horny? Anyway, semantics. But in this fandom, ‘hot hybrid sex’ has become synonymous with steamy, dirty, borderline-illegal, amazing, knock your socks off sex, and it probably requires a lot of dedication, passion and hard work on the part of both partners, so the fellow saying this to you is willing to put in all the effort to make sure that you both have the best sex of your life.

7. ‘I would bury 12 bodies for you’


Klaus was always a little eccentric in his romantism, and this isn’t clearer than in the scene in 4×17 after Caroline kills the 12 witches and he stays behind to bury all the bodies for her. Yes she’s in a horrible state, yes she said some nasty things to him before this but yet Klaus could not leave her alone with this mess. This is a type of loyalty we have seen rarely with Klaus, that no matter how many times she rejected and tossed him aside, he was always willing to help her (and we see her doing the same in 4×18, they are the same).

8. ‘Would you dance to ‘Give Me Love’ by Ed Sheeran with me?’


I have decided that ‘Give Me Love’ will be the song I dance my first dance to at my wedding, no I’m not engaged or have a boyfriend really but it’s in my pink wedding binder so it’s law basically. I’ve spoken about this song at length in KMag articles about how the lyrics, the rhythm, tempo everything just scream Klaroline to me. It is our anthem and I think if anyone ever asked me to dance to it, I would probably melt from feels.

9. ‘Because of you, it was all for you’


It’s no secret that this is my favorite Klaroline line, and there is just something so poignant about someone that loves you so much they would literally try and be the best possible version of themselves for you. Not to say that Klaus giving Tyler a head start was the best version of him (although I still argue that the TVD Klaus was always the best version) but the fact that he was making an effort, that he felt challenged, that he wanted to do something selfless for once was enough to stir my cold dead heart. And if I should ever get a gesture like this from someone, I think it would be well worth a consideration.

10. ‘I intend to be your last’


Have I mentioned I’m a commitment phobe? Well if not, I’m a commitment phobe. And any talk of forever gets me hyperventilating but damn me to hell, this line gets me everytime – hook, line and center. For someone who has seen it all, who knows how fleeting love and infatuation are, to be so sure that you are it for them, that you are the one they would want to be with forever, that they would state that they would wait until you were ready. This line is perfection, and I thank all the deities that they used it to represent Klaroline, because even if they make the horrible mistake of not making them endgame in the shows, I will always believe without a doubt that they will find each other again.

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