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Top 10 Friends with Benefits Fics

Hey there, Klaroliners! We’re back with this month’s poll winner and trust me when I say it’s a doozy. Your April 2017 Trope of the Month Winner is…

Friends with Benefits! This is such a fun trope, where two friends decide to add an extra element to their friendship, one where they satisfy their more carnal cravings with each other. There’s a catch though: they aren’t supposed to fall for each other. I’m still shocked it took us this long to vote on this trope. It’s such an amazing premise and Klaus and Caroline really work perfectly in this AU setting, whether canon or non-canon. Take a look at the stories we put together to celebrate our winner:


Picturesque by lil7miss7sarcastic

Caroline swears she and Klaus are just friends. So what if when she gets drunk she wants to tell him all her deepest darkest secrets; that doesn’t mean anything. There’s no way they could ever be more than friends, could they?

Dirty Little Secret by soapmaniac22

Maybe Klaus and Caroline don’t exactly start out as friends here, but that doesn’t stop them from getting to know each other’s bodies better. What starts out as two acquaintances scratching an itch turns into something neither of them expected.

Friends with Benefits by misssophiachase

Friends With Benefits the movie was the inspiration for this story, with Klaus and Caroline being best friends who decided to take their relationship to the next level. At least they are physically; both agree that hooking up is a great idea but are adamant they stay just friends. Surely that won’t be a problem, right?

Just For Fun by karensevani

Also based on the film Friends With Benefits, this story finds Klaus and Caroline agreeing to a purely platonic affair where they satisfy each other’s needs. They both promise not to fall for each other but when these too spend any time together, the sparks are gonna fly.

Best Friends by these-dreams-go-on

Klaus and Caroline are the best of friends; only problem is Caroline is hopelessly in love with him. Seeing him with other women breaks her heart every time, but she’d rather have him in her life than not at all. Is telling him how she feels worth the risk of rejection? Or even the risk of losing his friendship?

Yet Another Variation on a Theme by ssklarolinewrites

They started out as just friends with benefits but now they’ve decided to take things to the next level. Caroline wants to take things slow with Klaus so they don’t mess things up and he’s more than happy to go along with her.

Finally Better by kcer4life

Best friends since childhood, grownup Klaus and Caroline have found more adult ways to have fun with each other. They both say they’re ok with just being friends who also happen to get it on, but they’re both secretly harboring feelings for one another. They both need to get over their fear of rejection and take a chance on each other.

Just My Luck by gooddame

Klaus and Caroline both just want to get home when they find themselves stranded together due to a storm. They’re old friends who haven’t seen each other in a while but they both remember how much they used to thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. Maybe being stuck in a storm isn’t so inconvenient after all.

A Month by scribes23

Caroline thought she’d be content just being friends with Klaus; unfortunately her body and her subconscious find him irresistible. When she tires of resisting him and asks him to satisfy her carnal cravings, will they be able to maintain their friendship?

A Guilty Pleasure by Angelikah

This last one puts a little twist on the trope with Klaus and Caroline starting out very friendly until she realizes she’s supposed to hate him. Believing he’d wronged her friend Katherine, Caroline makes it her mission to ignore Klaus at all costs, a task which proves difficult the more time she spends with him.


Be sure to look out for our next Trope of the Month poll and a big thank you to everyone who voted last time. Enjoy the fics and don’t forget to leave the authors a little love!