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Top 10 Klaroline Icons




I took a look around tumblr and picked out my 10 favorite Klaroline icons. Here is my list but do feel free to comment on this article and let me know your favorites.


First of all the manip is wonderful! Secondly, the lyrics used “I’ve loved you for a thousand years” come from the song A Thousand Years by Christina Perri which represents Klaroline in such a beautiful way, especially considering the thousand years reference to Klaus’ age.


I don’t know why, but the colours of the flower head bands on both Caroline and Klaus’s heads stands out to me. The brighter colour of blue, which stands out more than the pink of Caroline’s band shows that, even though what there about to do is important to both of them, at this moment in time it means considerably more too Klaus and the fact that the pink flower band on Caroline blends with the background shows that Caroline is simply caught up in the moment and she is not really thinking about the meaning of the moment right now.


Who doesn’t like some bright colours right? The green of the woods is considerably brighter and I like that because it now adds to the many things we consider to be associated with Klaroline, e.g. hummingbirds, champagne and a whole lot more.


This scene was just so important for both characters. The bright red/pink colour that is present – especially in the top right corner – shows the second time these two have blood-shared and how significant it has become the second time round.


In this icon, the bright white light centered in the middle of the picture shows that in this particular scene, not even Caroline is all parts good since she’s manipulating Klaus into allowing Tyler back into town. Also, the fact that the tweezers are in this light depicts that Caroline’s help will chase away the pain Klaus is feeling (from the stake, of course.)


The manip! The picture was originally from Revenge and it’s been put to much better use. The great thing about this icon is simply the beautiful idea of a Klaroline wedding.


The dark colours of red and black represent the scene perfectly. Even though it was Silas, the icon shows that Caroline is in fact drawn to the darkness and Klaus himself.


It was sad at the time that we did not get this scene on our screens. However, the bright and lighter colours are on Caroline, while the darker colours are on Klaus. The dark and lights are almost blended in the centre of the photo showing when put together these to complete each other.


So, I’m not entirely sure why I like this icon so much. But I guess I just love the light colours and the fact that it’s sweet. This scene was one where Klaus put down his walls and had a little bit of fun when talking about the 20’s and how he would show Caroline the world – if only she let him. The icon just gives extra meaning to that scene with the lighter colours used.


Look at how cute and carefree the pair look! It’s as if the picture is real! It’s sad it is not. Anyway, this icon gives us all a glimpse of an AU, possibly an AH situation and the light colours add to the fact that these two are very happy together.


Written by Annalise. Find her on Tumblr