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Top 10 Klaroline URLs


Have you ever seen a url so perfect that you would do almost anything to get it? The Klaroline fandom has url after url of excellent ones, so we asked around the fandom wondering what your favorites were. Listed below, in no particular order, are the top ten Klaroline urls.


This url needs no explanation. Hummingbirds and champagne- two of the many things we associate with Klaroline. Elle is a sweetheart with a gorgeous blog. We recommend doing as her description says and enjoy her blog with a nice glass of bubbly!


Meet Yana, the ‘queen of klaroline’. Her blog is riddled with Klaroline feels, and her love for JoMo is infectious. She tends to post a lot of picture porn which we encourage wholeheartedly! She’s a sweetheart with a heart of gold. If you don’t personally know Yana yet, don’t hesitate to send her a message: she’s always excited to meet new people!


This delusional fan keeps you on your toes. Say hello to Jackie, a funny and bright blogger who tells it like it is. Besides the fact she will stand up for any KC fan who gets harassed she does it with spunk. If you need a KC pick-me-up, she’ll write a speech that will move you to tears. Her reblogs and own posts make our hearts melt with all the KC goodness. So stop by and say hi and make sure you ask her what Kland is!


The url says it all: shipping Klaroline is almost a religious experience. If you love KC and a lot of gif snark then this blog is for you. Iphi’s blog is perfect if you ever need a quick klaroline fix- just scroll through the her endless cache of gifs and pictures. KC is her religion, and her blog is her sermon.


This blog’s theme makes every picture of gif of KC shine even more! The dark hues brings out the essence of the blonde pairing we are so obsessed with. If you are looking for wonderful pictures or gifs to reblog then check this blog out. There is most definitely an allure to darkness, and this lovely lady has mastered it.


There’s not one of you out there who doesn’t have a fantasy or two (or twenty or a hundred)  about klaroline. Cindy is a blunt, yet loving klaroliner who does our part to bring our klaroline fantasies to life with her graphics. Follow her for lovely edits and cover art for all sorts of klaroline fanfiction.


Let’s be honest the Klaroline fandom has been getting hate lately. When you get depressed that KC inst happening at that moment then check this blog out. It will make you smile, laugh, and cry thinking of Klaroline. We’re in for the long haul- no matter how long it takes- and this blog makes the wait a little more bearable while also uniting us.


If you want a KC blog to follow that is as full of light as Caroline, check this girl out! Cassie’s sweet and bubbly and friendly to all!  This girl has so much KC love and is always willing to share it with others. If you are already on Team Caroline, we recommend getting on teamvampirebarbie22.


If this url doesn’t scream “perfection” to you, we don’t know what will. While she is most famous for her amazing fanfiction, Miranda runs an amazing blog and is always ready to defend the ship and the fandom. If you’re not doing so already, follow her and let the love she has for Klaus and Caroline spread to you.

tylertinselwood (tylerchopwood)

Tyler is sarcastic and full of sass. She is the devil’s advocate of the Klaroline fandom. She’ll ruffle your perfect feathers with a comment bomb on your posts. She’s full of fire and she’s not afraid to fight back when Klaroliners get harassed. You screw with something she loves she will mess you up. Just like the real Tyler Lockwood, this girl ready to bite back.

Written by Nicole. Find her on Tumblr