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TOP 10 Klaroline Videos of the Month January Edition

Hey Klaroliners! I went through all of the Klaroline videos uploaded this month and wrote my top 10 favourites (not in any order) and they are fantastic! Check out the videos below!

This video by Lunaa Mikaelson gave me all the Klaroline feels and the song fits perfectly. It had all of the best Klaroline scenes and cute manips!


I loved this video by xBenQCatx because it captured the “modern Klaroline” that we all know and love which we have at the moment through character crossovers!


This video by NostalgicStylesx is just plain cute and the editing is lovely!



I love the song picked in this video by iwantklausm because it suits the scenes and the fast paced beat keeps you interested.



The following video by xBenQCatx just reminds me of how important the 3×11 episode is to Caroline’s character development showcased by the recent TVD episode!


This video by CursedxFlame is one of my favourites from the list and it probably has to do with me loving this song but the editing is fantastic and worth a watch!



I loved this video and really felt like the song bittersweet tragedy really suits the whole angsty Klaroline feel. Good job Explosionsinsky!



I loved this video by TheOriginalxHybrid and matched with the song gave me a very Au feel to it. 10/10



This video by xdarkestbeast was short and sweet but it was celebrating 5 years since the 3×11 episode so how could I not include it in the bunch!



The way BELLISARIO slowed down the song for this video and remixed it really suited the scenes and made it one of my favourites of the bunch!


Did you like my picks for Top 10 videos of January? Let me know if I missed any in the comments below and remember to support all of the lovely Klaroline creators!