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Top 10 Klaroline Vines

Hey Klaroliners! Now as we all know the Klaroline Awards have just finished and the results were posted after weeks of nominations and voting! While I was looking through the posts congratulating the winnersΒ and reading/watchingΒ everything (which I highly recommend you do); I noticed in the video category that there were winners for Vine videos. I didn’t even know that we had Klaroline vine videos! Have I been living under a rock? Potentially. So I decided I would make a list of my top 10 favourite vine videos to share with you all! Now keep in mind that there are 11.1 THOUSAND vine videos in the Klaroline tag so I haven’t watched them all but it gives me something to watch in the coming weeks! So without further ado here are my favourite 10 Klaroline vines (not in any order)

1.This vine perfectly shows how important everything Caroline says to Klaus is


2. So Beautiful! And it loops so well!


3. All I can see are heart eyes and I love it!


4. The song perfectly captures how I feel about Klaroline, can never forget them!


5. I think I have watched this video 10 times by now! I keep trying to see all the black and white scenes πŸ˜›


6. I love this video, the song reminded me of being 13 and loving twilight (the whole reason I read the TVD books and then started to watch the series)



7. Klaus always putting Klaroline first is one of my favourite things


8. The feels are real


9. A poison I’d pick any day πŸ˜‰



10. I’m in love with these videos!


These are my top 10 vines! I hope you enjoyed watching them! Which vine was the favourite from my list? Who are your favourite Klaroline or The Vampire Diaries/The Originals viners? What videos should I be watching? Let me know in the comments below!