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Top 10 Romantic Klaroline URLs



Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, and no one said it had to be just your love you’re celebrating. So, in honor of that loophole, The Blogs Team presents to you some of the most romantic Klaroline URLs we could find. The URL is the first impression we see of your blog, and the following ten we fell in love with at first sight:


It isn’t just an internal feeling: love is all around you. You feel it in the warm, uplifting chords of a love song or a waltz. It is in the way confessions linger between two faces, as lips devour the spaces between them. It is the static electricity of locked gazes and penetrating stares. Love is in the air, and Klaroline is infused with it.


2. everlastingbutterflies

People cling to new love like it’s going out of style. The newness and the excitement is what love stories are written about. And is Klaroline not one of those greatest? Butterflies abound when stubble grazes porcelain cheeks in a chaste kiss. These winged flutterbys erupt from cocoons when dances are more intimate than the most passionate of encounters. Everlasting butterflies are the sign of raw and eternal love- each day is the first day, whether it be two years or a century down the road.


3. klarolinechampagne

They are synonymous: love and champagne. Weddings are toasted with the bubbly nectar, first dates are christened with it. Klaroline has made it something more: champagne is a representation of promise. It is their “thing”.


4. klarolinexox

On this day, hugs and kisses are everywhere. There is no simpler way to show affection than by an embrace or a kiss. Arms wrapped tight around you and lips that can inspire so many emotions are all one needs to truly feel loved. All it takes is one touch, one kiss, to deliver your emotions. Even when words fail, Klaroline is the culmination of small embraces and promising kisses.


5. aworldwaitingforyou

Rome, Paris… Tokyo? Love is offering the world on a silver platter. It is the reassurance that wherever life takes you, your heart will always be at home. Whether the Eiffel Tower and delicious pastries await you, or the warm Roman sun and wine by the bottle: there is a whole world waiting for you, if only you open yourself up to it. Love is unchartered territory, and it is yours for the taking.


6. klarolineperfection

Perfection doesn’t exist. But neither do vampires or hybrids, right? Perfection is a centuries old immortal looking dapper in a suit, playing the perfect date. Perfection is looking Princess Grace of Monaco hot. Perfection has never before existed, but then there was Klaroline.


7. hothybridforestsex

To be so consumed by lust and desire that the rough trunk of a tree, and the forest floor are the perfect places to have hot hybrid sex, is a testament to the depth of what Klaroline is. Yes, scandalous forest sex is all about passion, but when two heartbreaking smiles and two sets of eyes speak to each other- and to us- with such emotion, it ceases to be “just sex”. There is arguably no greater way to proclaim your love for someone than by making more in the process.


8. klarolineisepic

Your epic love is someone that completely ruins you for anyone else. Epic love is trial and error and adversity, but it is also fire and passion and a scandalous romp as day fades to night. Everyone wishes for epic, big screen worth love. Klaroline is just that, because there is no coming back from it.


9. endlessklaroline

Forever. Always. Eternity. Until the end of time. To infinity and beyond. Love is boundless. Love is timeless. Klaroline is endgame. Their love endures the sands of time and the restrictions of mortality. With each passing year, century, millennia, the gravity and weight of, “I love you,” grows, until it knows no limitations. Klaroline is endless.

10. klarolineconsumesme

Love does not settle in the heart. No, it burns through arteries and veins and muscle and bone. It is hot and devouring. Love consumes the body and the soul until it is the only thing left. Klaroline has infiltrated the very makeup of the shippers in this fandom: there’s no use trying to fight it- it’s who we are. We are Klaroline.


Written by Jackie. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter