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Top 10 Social Media Fics

The September Trope of the Month winner is here, and the winning trope is Social Media! I for one am obsessed with all sorts of social media forms, from Twitter all the way to snapchat- that is my latest beau. So it was interesting for me to know that our dear Klaroline authors have actually fused Klaroline and Social Media (what can our authors NOT do, for real? Those people are amazing).


Every Savage Can Tweet by Austennerdita2533

Klaus and Caroline communicate using the action of tweeting, where eye-sex and blushing is switched with liking each others’ tweets and secretly indirecting one another using the social media form, twitter.


care-bear-forbes and the-lonely-hybrid by theoriginalcheeesecake

Klaus Mikaelson the famous and cocky bad-boy has a hidden past when he was once a lonely boy who spent his days on the internet, locked inside a room. He only had online friends, one who’s name is Caroline Forbes, whom Klaus forgot about the day he logged of the internet for good.


Snapchat by itsnotacrimetoloveyou

Klaus wanted a date with Caroline and he got it.

Klaus wanted to be Caroline’s friend and he got that too. Now he wants to add her on snapchat, what will Caroline say to that?


Fanfiction and Fanart by hissaviourqueen

Caroline is an English literature teacher and wants no one to know she writes fanfiction of her own.
Klaus is an Art teacher who wants no one to know he makes fan art of his own.


Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries as seen through Facebook.

Klaus mistakes Caroline for a date he picked from a dating website, and Caroline’s not bothered one bit by that mistake; she’s horny. And Klaus is willing to entertain. *winks*
Klaus is a famous YouTuber who’s got all the girls gushing, and one of those girls is Caroline. Well, at least he’s got her gushing up until she bumps into him one day and decides that he’s not so nice- still hot, maybe even hotter in person- yet not so nice.
Klaus is a famous singer who seems to ALWAYS answer Caroline’s questions during twitter Q&A.
Is it a coincidence? Is it because of her cute icon? Or is it something more?
Klaus finds himself scrolling through Rebekah’s Tinder account when he comes across Caroline Forbes, someone who’s been haunting his mind for a while, so he decides to hit her up.
 Klaus and Caroline are both YouTubers who never met each other- they live in different parts of the world- but developed a beautiful online friendship, where they just MIGHT be in love with each other.
Well that’s it fam, Enjoy!