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Top 10 Soulmate Fics

The January Trope of the Month winner is Soulmates! There’s a few different ways this topic can be written out and we’ve chosen a few that feature some of the very best of the prompt in this Top 10 Soulmate fic list. We’ve got a diverse bunch from AU to canon divergent, and finding your soulmates from the color of your hair to the first words they say to you. Some are humorous, some are smutty. and there’s maybe just a touch of angst thrown in between. So here we are with this month’s Trope of the Month: Soulmates.


poptartsparkle1992 by thetourguidebarbie

An AU/AH first words fic where Klaus Mikaelson has the unfortunate luck of being branded with the phrase “poptartsparkle1992”. And his soulmate? She is just as sorry when she finds out as well.


I’m Dyeing to Know You by MrsAgentCooper

An AU/AH where hair color is the revealing factor in soulmates. I’m sure destiny wasn’t intending for it turn into a near prank war between these two, but payback’s a bitch when Caroline’s phases of teenage rebellion got Klaus teased for that shock of electric blue on his head. So how does Klaus finally meet his other half? The next day at her job interview after he dyed his hair (and consequently hers as well) in vibrant rainbow shades.


My Light by OhPossibilities

September 20, 1992 is when the world tilted on its axis for Klaus Mikaelson. He couldn’t explain the longing he felt or the pull in his chest. There certainly couldn’t have been a good explanation for the urge to return to Mystic Falls. He resisted it for seven years, but when he finally gave in he went knocking on the door of Sheila Bennett. The witch owed him a favor and he came to collect in the form of an explanation. He wasn’t expecting to find that he had a mate.


Birds of a Feather by honestgrins

Canon divergence taking place in season 3 where while trying to find Stefan during his summer with Klaus, the girls cast a spell that’s supposed to help you find your soulmate in hopes of locating the lost Salvatore. Things do go as planned when all they receive are marks that will also appear on their soulmate. Imagine Klaus’ surprise when a small bird appears on his chest that matches the mark on Caroline’s wrist.


Jar of Hearts by cupcakemolotov

An AU where vampires have soulmate marks, only no one knows that’s what they really are. Except for the Mikaelsons, of course. Klaus has felt the ache of not having his soulmate for 500 years, but some business in Chicago will change that. Abby Bennett has come to him with the tantalizing offer of destroying the Other Side, but she needs one final ingredient to complete the process; her daughter’s bones, which Caroline is willing to die to protect.


Wings of Fate by venomandchampagne

An AU where your matching marks appear after you meet your soulmate, but it kind of sucks when- like in Caroline’s case- it turns out to NOT be your boyfriend. Even better is when she finds out who her match is when she gets pushed face first into the gym lockers by the Original little sister of said match when Rebekah happens to see her brother’s mark on her rival.


Written On Your Skin by LaLainaJ

An AU where Klaus is still very much the Hybrid King but Caroline is a witch. Her ancestor left the Forbes line a strange gift (or curse depending on how you look at it) when in a fit of desperation she cast a spell that marks the soulmate of any Forbes with the first words they say to each other in order to prove the boy she loves is meant for her (he wasn’t). Caroline wasn’t expecting hers to waltz into her flower shop, and she certainly didn’t think he’d be one of the most dangerous creatures to walk the planet.


I’ll Leave My Happy Home For You by PurestHeartsLove

After Caroline is turned she doesn’t stay in Mystic Falls. The moment she turned she felt the pull to something she couldn’t explain, and there was no way she was going to find it staying there. So she left. Little did she know that ‘what’ she was looking for was actually a ‘who,’ and he was looking for her too. Hopefully these two will have a happy ending, especially when that longing grows with every near miss.


all you need to grow inside my spine by but seriously

After Caroline is turned into a vampire, she is determined to be good; try not to compel, eat bunnies instead of humans, no killing. Good. Who wants their soulmate to think they’re a monster? But when she wakes up tied to a tree and her soulmate ends up being Klaus Mikaelson, all that becomes moot. Both are determined to fight the connection, if not break it completely.


Tempus Omnia Revelat by Biana_Delacroix

An AU/AH that not only has soulmates, but time travel! Soulmate marks determine how old your soulmate is when you meet them. Seeing the number 10 on your wrist isn’t all that great when your match has yet to turn up. Caroline has convinced herself that soulmates are an outdated concept that shouldn’t be as revered as people believe it to be. Fast forward and 25 year old Caroline is thrown into the past by a malfunctioning CRONUS and is confronted by the scene of a little boy being held at gunpoint. What she didn’t know is who that boy was and what he’d end up meaning to her when she gets back to her time.


Be sure to read the fics and check out the writers, and keep an eye out for the next Trope of the Month poll!