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Top 10 Things Every Klaroliner Should Know


There are things about this couple that stand the test of time, depicting the timeless classic of Beauty and the Beast . How Klaus uses the word “love” too much just as Caroline’s “seriously” has been her trade mark since season one.  For every moment that has made these two characters who they are there is such a moment that draws these two together. Here are the top ten things every Klaroliner should know.

1. It’s a fairytale in the making.

It’s a true start to a fairy tale/romance novel just think Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella or any other fairy tale and you’ll see that bits of this couple is in each story.

An unloved bastard child, who was forced to turn into something he did not want to be, whose own family proves to turn against him every couple centuries. A snobbish bitchy teenage girl, who did not choose to die, whose parents treat her as their own when convenient.

Then the action packed climax starts where now the powerful hybrid sets his sights on the baby vampire. The love/hate interaction sets in and the now beautiful in her own skin baby vampire gets the troubled hybrid to show himself to her. He’s already fallen for her and she starts to fall for him but they can never be together, they come from two different worlds.

So the adjusted to life hybrid leaves the small quaint town for his own adventures. And the now powerful goddess of a vampire sets sights on her dreams. Both leaving each other behind but not forgetting the other.

He calls for her but she doesn’t come.

In this fairy tale that is Klaroline the last chapter has yet to be written.


2. Everyone is against them.

It is true they are from two different worlds but somehow these two belong together. Forget the fact that Klaus is the big bad for the Scooby Gang 2.0 since season two and that is a big problem for this couple. Also the fact that every single character does not want these two together, and don’t get us started on the writers or a certain producer. Klaus’s family does not seem to care either way if he is ever happy, probably due to the fact that he carries them around in coffins for the most part. And Caroline’s friends are only for this couple when she can be Klaus bait. But somehow these two have a bond that no one can seem to break.


3.The first time they saw each other

So the first time they meet isn’t magical. Klaus kills Tyler trying to turn him into a hybrid and finds out Tyler needs to drink Elena’s blood for it to work. So Caroline watches as Rebekah holds her back as Klaus dangles the blood in front of Tyler. Caroline is forced to watch Tyler complete the transition of becoming a hybrid. We don’t get to see the bossy Caroline to the mischievous Klaus but first impressions aren’t always what really matters.


4. The First interaction

So Klaus and Caroline do not get to actually interact until Tyler bites Caroline, on her birthday, and Klaus’s blood is the only thing that can save her. Its kind of poetic unless you factor in their first meeting is when Caroline is dying and in her bedroom. But as soon as Klaus speaks to Caroline you know they will be epic.

“Happy Birthday Caroline.”


5. The Mini-Fridge

So forget about the fancy dresses, diamond bracelet or the drawing the mini fridge is the gift that makes the cake. With both characters no longer on the same show and when Caroline mentions the mini fridge then all hell breaks loose. Let the fans rejoice!


6. He gave another man freedom for her.

He gave Tyler his freedom back for Caroline. The woman who has been with another man ever since they met. His love for Caroline is so deep that he is willing to see her happy with another man. Maybe one day Caroline will see what Klaus has done for her and come running to him.


7. They have saved each other’s lives.

It takes a true couple to fight for each other and these two would do anything to protect the other. Caroline saves Klaus when he believes a piece of the white oak stake is lodged into his back but it really was just Silas playing mind games with him. The best part he gets Caroline as a friend in the end. Then there is the first interaction where Klaus’s own body saves Caroline from dying. And let’s not forget Klaus using a graduation cap to cut the head off the witch that Caroline killed. However these two save each other they do it in style.


8. Klaus wanting to show Caroline the world

Klaus loves to travel and Caroline hasn’t been anywhere it seems.

“There’s a whole world out there waiting for you.”, “I’ll take you…Rome, Paris,Tokyo?”’, “In a year or even in a century…you’ll turn up in my door and let me show you what the world has to offer.”, “All I can think about is how much I want to show it to you.”, “Well, I considered offering you a first class ticket to join me in New Orleans.”

And maybe Caroline will just buy a ticket to New Orleans.

9. The Kiss

So this kiss isn’t as hot and passionate as the kiss they shared when Klaus was inside Tyler’s body. But this kiss, their first real kiss, envelopes so much in just a peck. Klaus returns to Mystic Falls, not only saving Caroline in the process, but to attend her graduation. He offers that she join him in New Orleans but knows she will not accept so instead he gives her Tyler’s freedom back. The kiss shows that Klaus is in fact in love with Caroline but also Caroline could some day see a future with the man before her.

10. He intends to be her last.

Once upon a time there was a hybrid King whose family didn’t like his rule.  The lonely hybrid King waited centuries to find someone worth knowing, then he met her. The vampire did not like how the King ruled with an iron fist or how her friends were his targets.

But with time the vampire got to know, understand and see past the hard exterior of the King. The King’s inflation with the vampire was well known but she was with another. The dark eyed wolf did everything in his power to keep her while even sired to the King. The hybrid King did everything in his power to tear the two apart but he did not succeed.

Then the King leaves his kingdom to go back to another kingdom he once ruled. The vampire goes on with her life and in time separates from the dark eyed wolf but the hybrid King does not know.

The dark eyed wolf is the vampire’s first love but the King intends to be her last, however long it takes.

Hot hybrid sex in the woods is only the beginning.

Written by Nicole. Find her on Tumblr