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Top 10 Tumblr Reactions to TVD 4×20

Tumblr reactions. It’s summer and summer provides us with an opportunity to write more articles about storylines you wish you had forgotten all about already but something just won’t let you (read: me). Remember that dreadful backdoor pilot for The Originals? Back when we were all excited for the spin off but then watched the episode and threw up in our mouths a bit and just sat there on the couch, disappointed, lost and sad? I do. In order to make you think of the episode and laugh, we’ve gathered some delightful reactions on tumblr to that particular episode.

/Side note: since this happened a while ago, many blogs’ names have changed and urls are therefore not included in this article. But do a little detective work and you can find them. Why I didn’t do the detective work, you ask? Well, because it’s summer and it’s hot and I’m a tad lazy./

Top 10 reactions:

Remember when Hayley said she didn’t do teen drama and then ended up as one of the leads on a show that was supposed to be dark and mature and twisted but in reality it is all about drama and more drama on top of a lot of drama? Yeah.

Even Klaus, who has always been a charming devil, smug, hot and full of dark humor has quickly turned into a hormonal daddy-to-be, who cries and throws childish temper tantrums, such a disappointment. Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself, but it was already visible in that episode.

I swear the solution to their Elena problem in the 4th season was so obvious. Let her watch the pilot for the Originals and it will make her feel. I’m not sure which emotion would be strongest though – crying or laughing her ass off.

I mean how is it even possible? How much did they need to bend the mythology to make this happen? Well, lesson learned I guess. Unitl a new stupid idea comes along and they’ll do it again.

The originality of Julie writing is amazing. I mean all this great new ideas we haven’t ever seen before. Who has ever thought of a daddy vampire? Baby being the redemption? Imprinting? All new.

There were some people who didn’t even know what they were watching. Due to originality it was hard to confuse the storylines yet some people managed to do it. They probably thought that first there were books, then there were movies and now they’ve made Twilight into a TV show.

Now, some of you might like the show, but I am thoroughly disappointed. I wanted darkness, twisted plotlines, a crazy demented Klaus, a moral yet badass Elijah and queen Rebekah, conflicted yet completely deranged. I wanted to see a strong villain and not a harmless hot shot. I wanted to see their pasts explored, to see their siblings again and most of all I wanted to see NOLA painted red. And what did I get?

But this show has taught me something. No matter how bad things get, no matter what mistakes I make, there is one person out there who has done worse. One person, who promised us the best yet delivered the worst. One person who disappointed so many she should hold a record in the Guinness book of records.

After the episode has aired, many were still hopeful. Maybe this was all a joke and the real pilot would air in the fall. Grasping for straws, I know but what is a poor soul supposed to do when all its hopes and dreams have been crushed? Not only crushed, but made fun of and mocked.

But the biggest and most annoying thing about the show was that the baby would serve as Klaus’ redemption. What a load of crap. First of all, Klaus doesn’t need redemption, we all love him for who he is. Secondly, if there was anyone who could be that for Klaus, it would be Caroline. And thirdly, Klaroline. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

Here you go. Now tell me this wasn’t fun. I know you thought oh no, not the backdoor pilot but i’m sure I got a good laugh out of you. You’re welcome.

Written by Monika. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter