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Top 10 Tweets from The Originals 3×06


“We may unite the family after all.” Freya to Rebekah


And these are naïve words of someone who is new to the Mikaelson family; although, so far, Freya seems to understand the dynamics of her family and how to fit in it very well.


And, this week, each member of the family is trying to figure out how to save it.


But let us begin.


1. On our beloved #Thirstdays, the transition from The Vampires Diaries to The Originals can be:
a. frustrating b. tolerable c. tolerable with alcohol — because we mustn’t forget what we’re dealing with here:

  2. Although everything would be easier if we had our merger (yes, merger not crossover… both shows should just be one again).


3. And two hours can be rather heavy; but you don’t need the RunPee app to know when it is appropriate to pause.

  4. Last week the writers left us in deep suspense over Klelijah fighting, but in this episode we didn’t see a continuation of that as much as its aftermath.


5. We also had a reminder of what it means to be human… (for Matty-Blue-Blue).

  6. They also reminded us of Freya’s specialty — see!, she fits right into the family.


7. In this episode we had a lot of Rebekah (yayyyy), although she was in constant danger (nayyyyy). Luckily, her siblings were there for her… well, Klaus not so much.

  8. Without any extra help from Klaus, Rebekah just came and went.


9. Meanwhile, where was the very raison d’etre of this show? (*rolls eyes here*)

  10. At the end of episode, there was only one winner: Aurora, who got what she wanted (Klaus and Rebekah). So let’s leave it this way for now:


See you next week with a delicious family dinner at the Mikaelsons!


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