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Top 10 Tweets from The Vampire Diaries 6×03


Yeah, sorry, even if we’re all hoping for The Vampire Diaries to fade and quickly die, and for our Caroline to move on to The Originals, the show is actually still on, so here we go with *screams somewhat excitedly* episode 6×03!
*crickets chirp all around*

1. Let’s start this off by trying to make you realize just how interesting as always this episode was, shall we?

Yeaaah, IF ONLY. I bet it would have less plot-holes, if that were the case. Sigh. 2. And—hey! We have finally discovered a quality of Elena’s. Don’t say that she isn’t a super awesome character, okay?

3. But, once again, it’s our Queen who’s the real everything of the episode.

4. Even if pretty much all the other characters seem to not understand that, and would deserve a good slap in the face for it.

*sniffs and tightly hugs baby Carebear*
5. This obviously led to rather—ahem—unhappy fans.

6. For cutest slash weirdest (?) moment of the episode, though: we have finally met Damon’s real endgame.

7. About Damon and Bonnie, by the way. Somebody is still lurking out there in this supposedly ‘alternative universe’ or whatever it is that they are with them. Who could it ever be? DUN DUN DUUUUN.

8. But, in true The Vampire Diaries fashion, the actual discovery was pretty disappointing.

(Can we go back to guessing? That was a lot more fun.) 9. And, OF COURSE, douchwaffle Stefan had to go and help a vampire hunter (people need better hobbies in Mystic Falls, SERIOUSLY), kidnap the only person who currently seems to give a damn about baby Caroline (and the same person who hadn’t hurt him because of her; talk about being grateful ah).

I am judging you soooo hard right now, Stefan Salvatore.
10. So, I guess, that to sum up this episode in the best way possible, there is only one tweet that we can really use.

Can I add ‘RIGHT THE FUCK NOW’ to that?