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Top 10 Tweets from The Vampire Diaries 7×15



We’re finally at the episode where it all starts to make sense. Well, not really.

1. Klaroline forever and always, baby!

2. That scene just adds more fuel to the fire of the Klaroline endgame!

3. Klausy will always, ALWAYS, know Caroline better, even better than she knows herself.

4. I… I… I can’t. XD XD XD

5. Bamon, breaking hearts since 1994. (Literally, because, you know, they got stuck there.)

6. Figures. *rolls eyes*

7. Quick, someone find me a picture of JoMo in an apron so I can figure out who looks hotter: Damon or Klaus.


9. I seriously hope Bonnie goes full witch on his ass.

10. And yes, I’d really like to do this and have nothing but Klaroline dreams dance in my head. 🙂


Three weeks before a new episode of The Vampire Diaries now. Oh, what shall we do to fill our time?

#teamklarolineforver <3