Top 10 Video Songs of December 2015


I would say a true Klaroliner is definitely someone who thinks that every song reminds them of Klaroline.


With our favorite ship currently being MIA on our screens, a great part of the fandom likes to prepare themselves for the upcoming Klarapocalypse by analyzing past Klaroline scenes and, in faith of that, this month I picked ten songs that I thought reflected Klaus and Caroline’s relationship through their lyrics (so listen closely to them!).


Personally, I think that each of these songs perfectly captures the angsty side of our ship but also how Klaus or Caroline felt when they were thinking of each other; some of these songs, with their slow paces and haunting vocals, will give you the chills as they will remind you of Klaroline’s body language, the chemistry-filled eye contact and the lingering gazes that they have shared.