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Top 10 Werewolf Fics

The October Trope of the Month Winner is Werewolves! While being a wolf is half of what makes up Klaus’ all-powerful hybrid status, but what if he were only a werewolf? What if Caroline was the one with the ability to turn into a furry four-legged Canis Lupus? Or better yet, what if the both of them were werewolves? Read and find out in this month’s fic-list:


You’re A Hideous Thing Inside by acronymed

In this fic we have a Teen Wolf AU where the cast are inserted into the lives of the Beacon Hills pack (for those of you who are familiar). Stefan is a newly changed werewolf and Caroline is his best friend doing everything in her power to get him through a full moon. The change is difficult as it is, let alonewith the mayhem of the havoc-wreaking alpha running around killing people. Then there’s Klaus. Creeper McDouche Alpha Klaus Mikaelson. He’s intent on killing the mysterious wolf and taking over his status. He also likes Caroline, much to her dismay.

The little wolf by totallymagical

We all know what it took for Klaus to unlock his wolf side. Three sacrifices: a witch, a vampire, and a werewolf. Caroline was absent for it in the show, but this time she plays an important role in the ritual. The wolf that was called for didn’t end up being Jules; it was Caroline.

Lunar Whispers by Tropicalblue23

The death of Henrik Mikaelson was the catalyst for one of the most significant events in the supernatural world: the creation of vampires. But what if he had escaped the attack? And what if his and Niklaus’ savior was a pure white wolf with startling blue eyes? This paves the road to a big change, especially when a mysterious girl with blue eyes comes to their village; eyes that he remembers.

This Is The Rhythm of My Life by TalkingToTulips

Taking place after the epilogue of Once In A Blue Moon, Klaus and Caroline have had their second baby. But being a werewolf makes Klaus a little crazier when it comes to his family. But if he has to sleep on the floor next to his child’s crib in his wolf form to make sure they stay safe, then so be it.

The Alpha’s Mate by Sweet Little Darling

When Caroline was a little girl her life was saved by a pack of wolves. The rescue was put to the back of her mind after her parents divorced and she left Mystic Falls with her mother. Years later she’s back in town and she’s wondering about those wolves now more than ever. Caroline may have promised Liz that she would only be there for a year, but what she finds is going to change everything.

No Rest for the Wicked by Cupcakemolotov

Humans and the supernatural world don’t mix. That doesn’t stop Caroline from being firmly entangled in it. When Bonnie goes missing, Caroline fears the worst and takes it upon herself to go searching for her in the Big Apple- couldn’t be that hard to find a witch in NYC. And while she does eventually find her, she finds something even more daunting along the way.

Everything, Everything by Anyaparadox

Caroline and Klaus have woken up in bed together. And it isn’t their bed. Or their reality. Or their lives. Everything is perfectly human and mortal except for one thing: Klaus is still a werewolf and his curse is triggered. Follow these two as they try to figure out why they’re not in their own world and how they can get back.

She Wolf by shipatfirstsight
A one-shot based on the story of Ladyhawke, Caroline and Klaus are a wedded couple cursed to never be together in their human forms. By day Caroline is a wolf and by night she changes back into human form only for the reverse to happen to Klaus. It’s been ten years since Silas, whom Caroline rejected in favor of Klaus, cast the curse, and now the two finally have a chance at breaking it and being together at last.

Claimed by HelloCutePanda
Caroline and Klaus are the alphas of their respective packs, only hers is comprised of not only wolves but witches and vampires as well. Klaus comes to Mystic Falls with the full intention of taking it over. In the end they find more in each other than just rival alphas.

Pet Wolf by these dreams go on
Balto has been Caroline’s pet wolf since she was a girl when he saved her and brought her safely home. Years later things start to change. She always knew her wolf was weird, but she wasn’t expecting him to turn into a man. A very naked, very human man.

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