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Top 15 Original Caroline fics

I would pay actual money just to see a real canon plot-twist where we find out that Caroline Forbes grew up with the Original family and that she has known them for years whether she became their friend, Klaus’ lover, or someone who worked with them and even turned with them and became an Original herself. And let’s be real….who the hell wouldnt pay money to see an Original Caroline?

Here’s a list of some out of many fanfictions which feature an Original Caroline who grows up with the Mikaelsons and becomes an Original like them.


The Ghost Original by Rachele 20

Everyone knows of the Originals who live in New Orleans. When they get there they are shocked to see someone they haven’t seen in a thousand years that they had thought were dead. Caroline. Caroline was born a thousand years ago and was turned into a vampire and is an Original. Klaus and Caroline were together as humans what will happen now that he knows she has been alive.


Millenia by PhoenixCycle

“We have been by each other’s sides for a thousand years. Just because we’ve let you live this long doesn’t mean I’ll extend that courtesy if you touch him.” The look in Caroline’s eyes is feral, and she can see the moment they realize exactly why people fear the pair of them, the Original Hybrid and his wife.


If I Die Young by ravenclawslibrary

1000 years later and Caroline still couldn’t figure out just where it had all gone wrong. Niklaus was a monster, Kol a menace, and Rebekah a parody of herself. To top it all off, more often than not Caroline found herself with a dagger in her heart. Such was the life of an Original.


Forgotten Original by LostGirlInTheForest

Caroline and Klaus were together when Klaus was human. Caroline is an Original vampire only known to a few and she doesn’t know it herself. To protect her Klaus had to go to drastic measures so that Mikael could never find her.


Our Love Story by mrsoriginal87

There was something wrong with their love story. They grew up together, lived and learned together and eventually died together. Their immortality taking their original powers to new height insuring a never ending love. They were on top of the world but nothing is ever perfect for long.


History Hides The Truth by AlleyDreamsOn

Caroline has spent centuries away from her husband after helping her best friend escape him. After finding a new companion in Chicago, she solves his bloodlust problems with a little help and forms a new best friend. In the present Caroline comes to Mystic Falls, eager to assist her best friend find love.


Finally by Forever-Klaroline

Caroline is a thousand year old Original vampire who is married to Klaus, the Original hybrid. When Caroline and her best friend Katherine goes to a small town called Mystic Falls, they find the new Petrova doppelgänger. Caroline hasn’t seen her husband for over 3 centuries. Will she still be mad at him for what he did to her or will she finally forgive him?


Original Beginnings by xxEmeraldButterflyxx

Niklaus has almost always been with the blonde beauty: Karolina. For a thousand years, they both have had a very similar curse on them. What happens when they arrive at Mystic Falls?

The Original Wife by MissScarlettJ

A thousand years was long enough to change anyone, even someone with as strong a personality as Caroline Forbes.

Strong, Ageless, Fearless by Bullet2tm

 “…once I’ve dropped the veil I can speak to Qetsiyah. She created the spell that made Silas truly immortal; invulnerable to any weapon. You’d like that for yourself, wouldn’t you?” Bonnie could see they wouldn’t survive – if not this battle, then the next. When would it end? So she created a new Original Family. New Orleans is their new home, but can they keep their secret?

Once Upon A Time by JoMoCC

Caroline Forbes thought she was so lucky to have grown up with the Originals who treated her like their own family, with the man she fancied since she was a little girl. But everything changed after her and Klaus’s wedding, after they were turned into bloodthirsty monsters. Will she ever be happy again?

The Original Diaries by KlarolineForeverAndAlways

 Caroline Forbes. Original Vampire with a shady past. Will she be able to blend in with Mystic Falls? Or will she be found out?

Catch Me If You Can by MysteryDream3

Klaus and Caroline were in love 1000 years ago. She was turned into with the rest of the Mikaelson family, but the transition worked differently for her. The spirits found her to pure to turn into a ‘monster,’ she didn’t get the bloodlust like the others, though she also didn’t get any of the supernatural abilities, except not aging.

Forget Where The Heart Is by xoxodovelove

Caroline is one of the Original Vampires. Klaus stabbed her in the 20’s before he did Rebekah. She resides in the locked tomb, now that Bonnie has unlocked it. Caroline is to help them destroy Klaus. Will she? Or will she let her love get in the way.

Past and Present by Rachele 20

After receiving a letter from a old acquaintance, Caroline finds herself back in town and her past has return as if to haunt her. The originals have returned and don’t know she lives. Klaus can’t believe that she is alive and finds himself having another chance to be with her again. Will she give into Klaus again? Or will something keep them apart?
Thanks for reading my favorite peeps, I know y’all probably got your tabs open ready to search for these fics and drown yourselves into them, HA! let’s be honest: There’s no Klaroline fandom without fanfictions.