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Top 20 Caroline Forbes Moments: Part 4


Hello, fellow Klaroline shippers. Here we go again with the final part of our series with favorite badass moments with Caroline Forbes. You know, it’s really tragic that we have come to the end of it, but hey, on a personal note, Season 4 was a total jackpot with all the Klaroline moments and Caroline centric scenes when they were available to us. I loved Caroline so much in this season, and I’m sure other people would agree as well. Without further adieu, let’s begin.

Top Caroline Forbes Badass Moments Countdown:

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5. Comforting Tyler – This moment is more of a sad one. I picked this one for a reason. I knew Tyler and Caroline had been having a bit of their problems. He was busy unsiring the twelve hybrids, and Caroline was trying to help in whatever problems that was involved with Elena just like usual. And she also had her usual stuff to deal with Klaus. But when tragedy struck, Caroline proved that she was able to drop what she was doing and attend to Tyler’s need. Tyler needed Caroline after Klaus went crazy with his mother issues on Lockwood’s mom. Caroline’s compassion does wonders.
4. Caroline putting Klaus on the spot – I know manipulation isn’t the best trait to brag about. Hell, even I wouldn’t. However, you gotta admit that what she brought out of Klaus was stellar. He was so put on the spot when she just came out with it. Klaus being in love with Caroline? It’s just the fact that she even said it out loud just shocked everyone. The audacity of it all. Klaus’s surprise and how speechless he was. This is all that needs to be said. Caroline Forbes always surprises us. Enough said.

3. Decoding the Cryptex – Okay, I know Caroline wasn’t thousands of years old like a certain hybrid. But hey, she definitely shows there’s more to her than the regular blonde stereotype. She doesn’t need to rely on a man to prove her intelligence. She’s damn good and smart from making the straight A’s while she was in high school. (Besides, Klaus was damn proud of his “wife” so I think we’re good.)

2. Caroline saving Bonnie – Basically, this is like an odd turn for a character like Caroline because she’s always labeled as “the good character”. She’s not supposed to have a darker side. A good little too shoes, and somehow Elena Gilbert has been given slack with all the stuff she does. The one time Caroline does something, BAM! It’s like she broke one of the holy commandments. And you know, as a Caroline stan (proud of it), its nice to have moments where my favorite characters takes a dip to the dark side of things. Caroline didn’t care about the moral implications, and her friendship to Bonnie was too important to lose. That’s my reason this moment showed up on this place.

1. Klaus and Caroline at Graduation – I know it may not be a badass moment, but this has got to be the best moment I saw with her. Everything about that moment was so genuine. Klaus giving her one of the best gifts of all: her freedom. The freedom to make her own choices and to be happy. That is the best gift he ever gave to anyone in his entire life. The surprise in Caroline’s face was just too precious, and it was that point where everything she thought about Klaus changed. It was the turning point in a epic journey that is Klaroline.

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I hope you enjoyed our little series. It’s been so much fun to go over and write. I’m looking forward to take you on another journey once more.

Written by Mallory. Find her on Tumblr