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Top 25 Angst Drabbles


We’re back with our latest installment of Top 25’s. And this time its all about pain. Heart wrenching, throat burning angst. You all might say you hate it, but secretly you all like to sob into that bucket of mint chocolate chip as you dig into a nice angsty story.

Angst in smaller dosage is always better, more crushing pain and hot tears. Which is why we bring to you Top 25 Angst Drabbles.


1. The Funeral Pyre – maevelin

Klaus knows she will always be his. He can never let her go, but he can set her free; with fire.


2. And someday she’ll dance again – lynyrdwrites

When Caroline finds herself turned into an Augustine vampire she must learn to deal with her new cravings. But when they begin to overcome even her impeccable self-control, there’s only one person, or hybrid, she can turn to.


3. Fade but dont forget by drabblesinklaroline

When Liz dies Caroline is distraught, how can she live without her mom? Can Klaus help save the vampire from herself?


4. Freedom – klarolineinaword

She was suffocating, surrounded by him, she couldn’t escape. Caroline was tied to him. Forever.


5. It’ll be okay – SpicyPepper-SweetSugar

Klaus couldn’t accept that she was going to leave him before they could really start their lives together, it wasn’t fair. How could he go on without her?


6. Small bump – Tears of Ebon-Grey

Caroline didn’t understand what was happening to her, at first. But when she saw the blood flow from between her legs she knew. It contradicted everything she had been told about vampires, but that didn’t make it any less devastating.


7. For You Only – ALostHeart

Every day she woke up after watching him die, the day endlessly repeating. Caroline would do anything to save his life, even if it cost her own.


8.  You’re the one that I love and i’m saying goodbye – musicalfreak

The moment Caroline sees the child her heart sinks. She can never give him that, can never come between the bond he has with her mother, and it breaks her.


9. Territory – melanoradrood

Caroline finally goes to Klaus, ready to find her happiness, but when she finds Hayley there, in his bed, she snaps. She is going to show Klaus what a true Alpha Female is and what he is missing.


10. Someone Like You – LuluDancing

He loves her and she loves him. But he cannot be with her if he wants to keep her safe.


11. Not One for Farewells – ThreeJays

Klaus is leaving and Caroline is glad. Or so she tries to tell herself.


12. Thirst – thesuzzIis

She could learn to forgive what he did to her friends, her town. But she couldn’t forgive what he did to her.


13. Mercy and Secrets – Sad Olive

He freed Tyler, let him come home to her. The way she thanked him made him almost wish he hadn’t.           


14. Promises by Klaroline-Fantasies

It’s simple really, Caroline wants to have kids. Sadly, Klaus doesn’t agree.


15. Say Something by Bright645

Confessing your love to someone is often well received. However, here they stand in complete silence.


16. And we shed what was left of our summer skin by but seriously

The death of a loved one certainly hits home for both Klaus and Caroline, they avoid one another like the plague when all they ever needed was each other.


17. Sleeping Issues by angellus08

Klaus always told Caroline he would give her anything she asked for. Well, that’s not entirely true when he constantly denies her the privilege to sleep beside him at night.


18. The promise by melanoradrood

Traumatized by the events that Silas unfolds on her, Caroline is struggling the define the difference between the fake Klaus and the real one.


19. A simple misunderstanding by idsaveyouinaheartbeat

Showing up at his door was all it was cracked up to be.


20. Just like honey by lenina20

She waits an eternity for him to break his promise. He doesn’t. However, he always finds the loopholes.


21. I know you love me by shipatfirstsight

They both seek for the other to come to them and yet, neither does.


22. Cruelest of Choices by shipatfirstsight

It was a choice he didn’t want to make, the love of his live or his brother? So she chose for him.


23. The One Where He Loses Her by heystrippah

Caroline becomes human again. It would seem like a gift to most Vampire, but for Caroline – it’s more of a curse.


24. Am I enough? by klaroline69

He told her she would always be the one, he’d forever put her first. Oh, how naive she was to believe such lies.

25. Alone by ALostHeart

Silas hits Klaus where it hurts the most.

Written by Jess. Find her on Tumblr