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Top 25 Drabbles (and Oneshots) That Should Become A Series


I used not to read drabbles. Why ? Remember when I told you that I didn’t handle frustration well? That’s the reason.

Drabbles are meant to be short. Duh! But how am I supposed to go on with my life when the characterization is just perfect, the writing beautiful and the story magical? How?


Everything’s perfect and then it’s the end? No. I simply cannot accept it. And that’s maybe why I’ve included some stories that hardly fit the drabble category but are oneshots. Yes, I’m sneaky like that but shh…

My drabble addiction started with I love you as certain dark things are to be loved so I blame Marianna for that. Yep, the Runaways started it all. I remember reading the story – all giddy because it was just superb – arriving at the end of the story (”chapter” in my Klaromind), going to chapter 2 and being at a loss for a few seconds. Imagine my despair (no, I’m not exaggerating) when chapter 2 revealed itself to be an entire different story … (But boy what a cute story!)

So yes… I was tricked!

*shakes head*


Too be honest, it was a bit my fault too (kind of). See, I hadn’t read the description first. It clearly said ”A Series of Oneshots and Drabbles” but all I saw was ”clangwee” and ”Klaus and Caroline”.

After that, I discovered klaroline69 and I was done for. So, for this one, I blame Marianna and Tanya and every single drabble writer for doing this to me.

How could you?

How dare you?!

Make me fall in love with your story and then declare that it’s the end!

It can’t be the end! It’s not over until we say it’s over! (I hear it’s the new motto of the Klaroline fandom.)

So here is a list of oneshots that clearly need to be turned into a multi-chapter story.


Because I said so.

1. A Lesson In Punctuality by she day.dreams.in.colour

When Caroline teaches Klaus a lesson. A very sexy one.

What do I like about this story? You mean apart from the smut? I love the perfection that Caroline and Klaus are together. They’re just perfect. Human, in love and very much themselves.

2. Coffee Shop by Klaraholic

Klaus meets a girl who inspires him. And she inspires a lot. Beauty. Light. But mainly love. Word after word, line after line, he writes.

About her.

And you get to read their story.

3. Control by clangwee

This one was written after the backdoor pilot for The Originals aired and it hurt to read it. Really.

The not so secret secret is out of the bag (thank you Hayley!) and Caroline leaves without a last word with Klaus. There’s something final in her absence. Hopeless. And yet… He can’t let go of it.


4. Cupid War by jomosfamilyjewels

Seriously hilarious. And so cute. So sweet.

Detective Mikaelson and Lieutenant Forbes work at the C.U.P.I.D precinct. Their job? Make people fall in love. Cool job, right? Except that Lieutenant Forbes finds her partner infuriating. He is too cocky for her liking… and way too sexy! What’s happening to her?

When they bet that they’ll outdo the other by February the 14th, things get really interesting. Really, really fast!

5. Dearest by clangwee

Klaus becomes enamored with a girl after reading the letters she wrote to her fiancé. Who is now dead. Killed by his hand. There’s something about her that makes him want to see her. Know her.

And possibly give her eternity.

His kind of eternity.

6. Don’t Think by Hybridlovelies

Just let yourself feel.

If Caroline stop thinking, then she’ll forget why she’s supposed to hate him. And why she can’t.

7. Everyday Heroes by CharmingWords23

Klaus isn’t a good guy. Klaus isn’t a hero. Now, imagine him getting caught up in a bank robbery with Caroline. Expect bickering as they disagree on the way to handle things.

What’s nice about this story is that Klaus hasn’t changed into a teddy bear just because he has gotten together with Caroline. After all these years with her, he’s still the same. Well, maybe he’s less of a temperamental psycho… But he’s still very much himself.

They disagree, they fight and they’re in love. And I need more of their adventures!

8. Glitch by GhostInThePhoto

After Caroline becomes mortal again, Klaus takes matter into his own hands. And it isn’t pretty.

Because it is about saving and damning her at the same time. And Caroline will hate him forever for it.

9. I’m On Edge With You by prettypinklips

Caroline is forced to follow Klaus after he has killed all of her friends. This is Caroline’s own version of Hell.

Until it isn’t.

10. Infatuated Kidnapping by SweetTemptation2

When Klaus wants something – or someone – , he just goes for it. No matter what. Someone should have warned Caroline that it was her he wanted.

11. My Best Friend’s Sister by she.daydreams.in.colour

This is AH/ AU story. Just like I like them.

He was supposed to help her, nothing more. But when he begins to fall for her, he has to stop. He just doesn’t want to betray his best friend like that.

And all I have to say is: ”Go for it, you moron!”

12. Nepenthe by clangwee

She feared and hated the Original hybrid. But by some twist of fate, she has fallen in love with his human self. Or how Caroline learns to live in the tenth century, married to a human Klaus.

Alright, so you may remember that I’ve mentioned this one already but I would really love to see more of Caroline’s relationship with Human!Klaus and their life together.

How did they fall in love? Did they have children or did they still become vampires?

13. No One’s Gonna Take My Soul Away by KaylieMarie

When Caroline takes the cure (by accident), Klaus decides to give her a chance at happiness and life. And it takes a bit of his soul away.

And a bit of ours too.

14. Of Jasmine and Fairytales by songs

This oneshot explains Klaus’ sudden interest in Caroline. Except it isn’t sudden for they have met before and Klaus was immediately drawn to her light.

A light so bright that he wanted to nurture it.

15. Strawberries by lostheart95

Klaroline as kids. You’re going to love this one!

It’s Caroline’s birthday party and Klaus is there. And she hates him. Why shouldn’t she? He’s always mean to her. And only to her. And she’s going to make him pay.

With strawberries.

Now, I want to know what happens next. You know, when they grow up.

16. Taming the Beast by bro0love

Caroline’s friends have a hard time believing that Caroline has chosen to be with Klaus. Tyler in particular.

But we don’t. Klaus and Caroline are endgame and epic like that. Now, we just need to see more of their epicness. Please!

17. The Artist and The Graduate by heystrippah

This one has three parts so far and, hopefully, there will be more.

Caroline just graduated from Berkeley (with a major in ”Art history”) and is looking for a job. Her interview with Klaus Mikaelson, an artist who owns a gallery, proves to be a total disaster. He simply doesn’t think they can work together. They don’t click that way.

But it doesn’t mean that they won’t work in other ways.

18. The World That’s Waiting For You by prettypinklips

Caroline teaches the Original Hybrid to be a nice guy. Or How to Be a Nice Guy for Dummies.

19. Untitled Drabble by angellus08

A mafia fic that could be turned into a full story.

Please, let it be true.

Klaus and Caroline get married. It is romantic, a bit like in a fairy tale. Except for the fact that Klaus is the son of a Mafia Boss and Caroline is hiding something.

How will it end? I’m sure you won’t guess.

20. Untitled Drabble by angellus08

When Klaus and Caroline meet for the first time, it’s love at first sight. Well, for him anyway. But it’s okay, he has every intention to make her fall in love with him. He knows that, if she gets to know him, she’ll get there.

Question: how do you make someone who keeps forgetting you actually fall in love with you?

21. Untitled Drabble by klarolineepiclove

AH/ AU perfection! After a fight with her boyfriend, Caroline goes to a frat party with her friends. And finds herself in danger. But the people she loves won’t let it happen. And she loves Klaus – as much as he loves her.

22. We Like It When We’re Spinning by lenina20

This is the first story written by Lenina that I’ve read. And one I would have loved to see happening in season four. Imagine the big bad hybrid becoming human. Weak. Mortal.

After witches make Klaus human again, everybody is worried for him. Well, they’re mostly worried for their line. Remember that he is their Original sire – if he dies, everybody dies with him.

But strangely it isn’t what Caroline is worried about.

23. Words Like Violence by fadingtales

A moment of sweet intimacy after Klaus rescues Caroline from a pack of werewolves. And it’s perfect.

24. You’ve Got Mail by Last Waltz

They’re friends online but can’t stand each other in real life. When they finally decide to meet each other, they’re in for a surprise.


I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

25. You’re Making Me Ill by fadingtales

Caroline sleeps with a total stranger who ends up being the son of the biggest benefactor of her sorority. She kind of hates him.


It has everything to do with a misunderstanding.

And you, dear Klaroreaders? What’s your pick? You’ve loved – adored – a drabble and you wish it was turned into a full fic? Tell the writer! Chicago Vice (the full version of Undercover ) is the perfect example of why you should do it!

Written by Samia. Find her on Tumblr