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Top 25 Fanfics We Wish Would Update Already Part II



Biting your nails in anticipation? Butterflies in your tummy due to the excitement? Eye scanning FFN faster than lightning to see if your prayers have been answered? Bookmarked your fave story as your homepage so as soon as you open your browser you know if it’s been updated?

Okay so that last one’s probably a bit much, I totally don’t do that (but if we’re going to be honest, I do).

All those stories, all those plotlines, all those feelings, and alas – no updates. We’ve got this covered in Part 1, but new stories means more stories we’re left waiting for. Besides, one list just wasn’t enough to show all of our favourite fics we really wish would update so, voila!

Warning: Reading these 25 fics will lead to heartbreak and soul crushing impatience, but keep calm, I’m here to support you through this hard time.


1. Unchained by allmylovesallmysecrets

This highly anticipated sequel certainly doesn’t disappoint regardless of the fact only its first chapter is published. If you haven’t read ‘Chained to Me,’ why the hell not? A Mafia!AU, starring the Mikaelsons & Salvatores (which includes Caroline) and a whole lot of action packed drama. And death. And angst. And feels. Let’s not mention that evil cliffhanger we were left with. More, please!

2. Touchdown by klaroline-heaven

Klaus is the (sexy) jerk football player. Caroline is hiding her beauty because of a rough past. When Klaus’ sorority throws a party and he invites Caroline to win a bet, you just know they’re going to end up cutely falling in love anyway.

We would know for sure that’s what happens, except it hasn’t been updated in forever. Luckily for us, klaroline-heaven always has a lot of works on the go and is probably busy doing other stories. But hopefully she’ll find some inspiration soon!

3. Borrowed Hearts by klarolineepiclove

Caroline has a crush. When said crush ends up in a coma, she does what she must to keep an eye on him at the hospital: she lies. (You’d want to know how the hot guy you’ve been crushing on is too, right?) This is how Caroline Forbes finds herself engaged to none other than Elijah Mikaelson. Her little white lie spirals out of control, made worse by the fact that she’s totally making moon eyes at her fake-hubby-to-be’s brother.

Two words: sexual tension. Enough said. Well, other than I need this story to update or I’ll be joining Elijah.

4. State of Grace by Bright645

Klaroline has a one night stand and Klaus can’t get Caroline out of his head. When they see each other again, Klaus gets a nice surprise in the form of ‘holy crap she’s got a kid.’ Klaus struggles to step up and be a father figure, but has so many cute moments with Nate it makes all the angst worth it. Plus Kol + Nate = hilarious.

Cute fluffy Klaroline with real life issues in the mix. Please let them get through their obstacles unscathed!

5. Take Care by Chaoticroyalty

Klaus is guardian to his sick little brother Henrik. Just as their lives are beginning to settle down, Henrik’s long time nurse is replaced by none other than Caroline Forbes. Klaus is annoyed, positive the perky blonde won’t be a good fit for them. He quickly learns though that there is more to her than meets the eye, and she may just provide them with what they need most.

This story warms the depths of my black soul. Who doesn’t love an arrogant Klaus and a frustrated Caroline? Watching their relationship progress is beautiful, as is the cute Henrik/Caroline dynamic.

6. Hate That I Love You by GGirlxoxoA

“They met, they fell in love, they married and now they’re divorced. But sometimes fate has other plans.” AU/AH Klaroline fic.

If that isn’t the most enticing summary ever then I don’t know what is. The last chapter had so much dramatic flair my insides are fuzzy. Dinner with the Mikaelsons is always so… informative. There aren’t words to describe how much I need more of this fic in my life.

7. Conversations with Myself by LynyrdLionheart

Everybody loves Caroline. Especially when she’s super strong and could totally kick the rest of the Mystic Falls Gangs butts. Having Klaus trail behind her like a lost puppy is a bonus too. You spend most of the story wondering what the hell Caroline actually is and when it all comes together it’s mind blowing and just perfect, okay?

I’m hating the word ‘hiatus’ more and more.

8. Tangled Up In Blue by idiot-wind89

If you haven’t read this or its prequel Heart-Shaped Glasses, I have nothing to say to you. This little bundle of angsty feels drives me up the wall with it’s suspense. I have shed tears because of this story and I will do it again if I can’t read more.

9. Sweetest Sin by CarelessLove91

So there’s the bro code, right? Well, Caroline’s best friend Elena just scored herself a hot new man by the name of Klaus Mikaelson. And Caroline just can’t stop crushing on him. Which is you know, fair enough because it’s Klaus. He has that face and those lips and… I’ll just stop right there. Caroline struggles between her friendship with Elena and her feelings for her BFF’s man. Which are totally reciprocated by the way.

It’s an awkward triangle but it’s awesome to read. If I could read more that would be good too.

10. When Darkness Falls by MasterRoo

Set in the future where Bonnie didn’t put the veil back up and the world is overtaken by evil spirits, Qetsiyah has practically dominated the world and is intent on capturing/destroying all of our beloved characters. As if it couldn’t get any worse; Caroline hasn’t seen Klaus in 84 years, but little Caroline’s all grown up and she knows a trick or two these days.

A perfect blend of fluff, angst, supernatural doom and its unpredictability leaves you wondering what’s going to happen next.

11. The Academy by MissMariaWrites

Caroline attends the Mystic Falls Academy For Exceptional Young Women. Its immaculate lawns and grounds are a cover for what it really is – an all girls spy school. In this fic we have our four favorite girls – Caroline, Bonnie, Katherine, and Elena –  grouped together as spies in training. Our darling Caroline plays the prodigal daughter to headmistress Liz Forbes and MIA agent Bill Forbes. Spies are cool. Obviously.

We’re only three chapters in on this one but those are more than enough to have me begging for more. On a brighter note, we can totally forgive the author as she’s given us a hopeful message saying she’s still alive and writing. Hallelujah.

12. Road Rash by Adorkablewriter

Sons of Anarchy inspired and oh my goodness, Klaus as a badass biker?! Not to mention his two sidekicks Stefan and Kol. I need this in my life. Klaus ‘The Wolf’ Mikaelson gets a bit of a surprise when he meets Caroline, finding out that she and her friend Katherine are members of the club he’s planning to overtake. Maybe flirting with her was a bad idea, eh Klaus? Caroline as a badass biker.

I need help.

13. Providence by heystrippah

If you’re into the more supernatural element of fanfiction, then this is for you. There’s even enough to tide you over until an update (there has to be an update). Supes have taken over the world. I don’t even know what Caroline is. I think it did explain bits and pieces somewhere in this gigantic masterpiece but I can’t bring myself to struggle through the mountains of words to find out again. All I know is Caroline is super duper awesome and infiltrates Klaus’ evil castle-like building killing everything and anyone in her way. She’s still nice Caroline, I swear. Klaus is just his normal self, lording over everyone and ordering people about. Crushing on Caroline too, as per usual.

So if I could please know for sure what Caroline is and what the hell is happening that would be awesome. Also Klaroline. And updates. Thank you.

14. Light Slivers of Caroline by colourful-dystopia

‘Caroline Forbes is an aspiring chef living in New York, with an unsatisfactory job and boyfriend. Or so she thought. All of that changes when she wakes up in a private ward of a hospital remembering nothing of the past three years. Now, she has a rich, hot husband and a disconnected past. Will she ever find out what happened in the past three years?’

You’ve been a bad bad girl Caroline. That’s what happened. How bad? I couldn’t tell you. Perhaps an update is in order…

15. Love In London by HelloCutePanda

Surely you must know this story. Klaus the crime lord vs. sweet innocent cupcake Caroline.

I don’t know what happened. One minute I couldn’t keep up with the updates and now I’m left wondering, how does our favourite couple fair? They had such a cute moment and then – nothing. For those of you that don’t know it, get acquainted. You won’t regret it. Pinky swear.

Please, to all that is holy give me more HCP, oh and the next one too.

16. Chicago Vice by HelloCutePanda

“You just got your ass verbally handed to you by Lieutenant Forbes who is on loan from homicide. So not only does she not take any of your shit she outranks your ass as well.” – Chicago Vice, Chapter 1

Oh Damon, your comments are the light of my life.

In which Caroline puts Klaus in his place and he discovers he likes it. Police Officer AU.

17. Coven by LoveOblivious

Caroline as a witch in NOLA, while Klaus is still our beloved King. Wooing her will be a bit harder for him considering Caroline’s coven is super powerful. Then there’s the fact Caroline’s grandmother – and leader of her coven – is Klaus’ archenemy #1. Caroline you naughty girl, don’t you know he’s evil?

She obviously forgot that. Which is good for us because this story is amazing.

18. Stay With Me by AussyAngel

Caroline is in a car accident, leaving her in a coma. While in this dream-like state, she is forced to decide whether to join her loved ones on the other side, or stay and live in a world without them.  Klaus hasn’t been introduced yet, but when he is… I can feel my eyes burning already.

Based off the book/movie, Klaroline style. So better.

19. To Be Loved By You by ALostHeart

This is technically a one-shot series, but that doesn’t stop me from fiending for another chapter. Nothing is as ridiculously cute as best friends-turned-couple Klaroline. The flashbacks to all those missed chances, the obvious interest in each other, the longing gazes… Poor Stefan the mediator, he really has his work cut out for him.

The feelings, the feelings! My heart has no more room for anything else.

20. In the corner of Maple and Vine by but seriously

Klaus makes delicious pies. He also brings dead people back to life with a touch of his fingers. Caroline starts working at the diner (some deranged mafia bakery according to her) and begins to wonder why Klaus won’t touch her.

Pushing Daisies AU, full of mysterious and quirky plot lines laced with maniacal humour. Please Klaus, make us more pies.

21. Handle with Care by AddriannaDestiny

Caroline’s dreams come true when renowned manager Klaus Mikaelson takes her on, helping her work towards becoming a famous singer. Too bad he’s a controlling prick. Although Caroline, as per usual, brings out the humanity in him.

We’re left watching the pair fail at avoiding their own feelings and with so many things keeping them apart how will they be together?

22. Final Destruction by heyheytvd

Do you know what’s better than a zombie apocalypse? Klaroline in a zombie apocalypse.

The tears, the joy, the good times and bad all rolled up into a ball of survival instinct and flesh eating deceased humans. Our lovely couple are filled with emotional turmoil at being separated during this world-ending cannibal pandemic. Do they reunite? I know. If you don’t, give it a read.

What I don’t know is what happens after the last update, which is an unfortunate turn of events indeed.The pre-breakout flashbacks almost make up for it. Almost.

23. Kills Or Kisses by queenforbes

This little number is a perfect blend of funny and what the hell is going on. Klaus and the Mikaelsons are a group of assassins, which is why Klaus’ head turns into a mess when he develops ‘feelings’ for one Caroline Forbes (whatever those are). Rebekah the rebellious girl that she is becomes friends with Caroline leading to a messy scenario where she ends up going full Ripper mode – with a seafood platter.

An interesting turn of events I assure you, but lacking interest is obviously not an issue here. Patience however… Five chapters and a billion to go (hopefully).

24. Songbird by Scarletborn

Caroline’s voice calls to him like a siren, although she’s the one that ends up trapped.

Mafia!AU in which Klaus provides Caroline with the protection she desires, at the cost of her freedom. Trading her life shouldn’t worry her, however, as Klaus’ provides her with plenty of kisses as a reward.

The last line we’re left with definitely had me wondering what’s going to happen next for these two.

25. sweetest tongue, sharpest teeth by CasMyAssbutt

Number twenty five already? Time flies when you’re having fun!

This personal favourite of mine holds exactly what I love in any story. Klaus being the obsessive stalker that he is and winning Caroline over with relentless badgering. There’s also the whole Caroline moves to Transylvania and attends a school where the entire population are supernatural teens, well minus Matt.

Klaus the werewolf (and brother to her new zombie friends Rebekah and Kol) decides he likes her. Okay, he wants to mate with her and she’s not too sure how she feels about that. I, however, know how I feel about this story and quite a few others by this same author. Check them out, all the Klaroline brought many a smile to my face.

Thus this saga of – ohgodpleaseupdate – comes to an end.


Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve found something you like in this list that can tide you over while you wait for your fave stories as I do these gems!


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