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Top 25 Klaroline Fanfiction Quotes


Hey there, Klaroliners.

Sunny here, with a much needed dose of Top 25 Klaroline goodness. In a time of much doom and gloom, I’ll be here bringing you 25 reasons to keep smiling and cheering for our favorite couple!


To start off our Top 25 favorites in all things Klaroline, I’m going to play with your heart a little bit and give you some feels-worthy quotes brought to you by shippers like yourself.


So sit back and prepare to have your heart strings tugged in a painful yet beautiful way! Here’s our first edition of Top 25 Klaroline FanFiction Quotes:


1.       “For my entire life, I’ve never felt worthy of much […] I was living a complacent life and was settling for whatever made me most comfortable. And then I met Caroline by chance […] and as cliché as it sounds, I felt like I was finally living. Caroline, you are the most beautiful, most amazing person I have ever met […] I can’t promise it will always be easy with us, but I promise to commit myself to you and I promise to take care of you for the rest of our lives.” Something Good Can Work by Klausykins

Nothing like an honest-to-goodness profession of love to start us off!

In this fic, Klaus wins Caroline’s heart and hand, leading to a wedding that brings this public confession. Surprising the lovely bride, Klaus adds a little extra to his vows, and my-oh-my, does he get the rest of us girls swooning after him as well.

Which girl wouldn’t want to hear words of undying devotion like this on their wedding day?


2.       “So he waits. And for what he does not know, and for how long he does not know either, but he has heard that this thing called love which has somehow pried something aside and tiptoed its way inside-He has heard it’s worth waiting for.” They Hit With No Warning by CBK1000

Now, as hopeful shippers, we’d all like to think that our Caroline is the one he’s been waiting for. In this fic, Klaus takes a chance and waits for this elusive thing called love. Although it’s never happened to him, Klaus chooses to have hope in love existing for him.

May he always hold on to that hope, forever and ever, amen.


3.       “You must be pretty special if you made my brother’s cold heart beat again,” Rebekah states. Klaus’s heart does not beat for Caroline. It pounds.” Paradise for the Lost by Liar.Faker

Are there any words needed to explain just what this quote does to my insides?

It’s no secret we all live for others to remark on Klaus’s love for Caroline. Here, Rebekah understates that love. Beating is a common place thing for a heart. Pounding? Now that’s real love.


4.       “He wanted to rip the throats out of every person that made Caroline Forbes believe that she was not worth waiting eternity for.” Your Heart Is Gold by Quills and Inkwells

Feeling unworthy has been a characteristic that has often plagued Klaus and Caroline. While he deals well with his own demons bringing him down, it isn’t conceivable to Klaus that Caroline should think she isn’t worth a crown jewel and more. The true worth of Caroline Forbes could not be measured even by the number of stars. He would dare anyone to argue otherwise. He may not believe himself deserving of affection, but he knows Caroline surely is. After all, even he, a monster who eluded love for a thousand years, couldn’t keep his heart from settling on her.

Whoa. I’m sorry, did I read too much into that?


5.       “When your little world collapses and you are looking for another, come to me.” A Golden Girl With Golden Hair by misguideddreamer

After all is said and done, our hopeless shipper hearts can’t help but dream pray, that our Caroline finds her way to Klaus. It may take a century or more, but we rest our hopes and dreams on the chance that in the end, after all the heartbreak and tragedies, she somehow finds herself going to him. Perhaps one day…

Queue all of my tears 🙁


6.       “I have never felt so much fear. I’m constantly thinking about what could happen to her, or how people could use her to get to me. And I feel strange when she’s not around. I make decisions based on what I think she would like.” Prowl by withfireandblood

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of love, brought to you by Klaus Mikaelson! Our boy has fallen, and fallen hard, for Caroline. It may sound like an ailment, but these things he feels for her? It’s a love we all dream of. A love only the fortunate find.



7.       “The way her face lights up, how bright her eyes can go- will he ever be used to this; will he ever not stand blinded before her, helplessly blinking?”  They Hit with No Warning by CBK1000

Nothing compares to how Klaus looks at his girl. It’s all on his face, everything he feels. She is a wonder to him, and he can’t help but stare mesmerized.

On a side-note, I am now taking applications for a man who will look at me that way.


8.       “Klaus followed along with a laugh knowing he had already won because he had her.” Body Knows Best by heystrippah

Klaus Mikaelson loves to play games of his own making. It’s all about the hunt for him. And he always wins. This AU/AH fic makes no exception. While Caroline may be thinking of winning him a prize here, Klaus knows he already has the best prize of all: her.

9.      “Go. Be whomever you want to be. When you’ve decided, I’ll take you. Whether you’ve decided to remain a light in every darkness or if you’ve succumbed to the allure of it, if you still want me, I’ll take you.’ Needing to see her face, Klaus turned back. “I’m giving you up for now. I could never give you up forever. I tried to do that. I just don’t have it in me. You are my weakness, Caroline.” Loved in Shades of Wrong by givemelovelikeklaroline

Here’s a quote brought to you by yours truly 😉 A shipper submitted this as one of their favorites, and I’d like to tell you it gave me a great deal of pleasure to write this! I crave a love that is given freely and with no strings, and with a writer’s prerogative, I made this a condition of Klaus’s love for Caroline. With the freedom to explore her boundaries, I have no doubt in my mind that Caroline will eventually find her way back to him.


10.  “You terrify me, Caroline Forbes. But I can’t live my life without you now.” Rescue Me by klarolineepiclove

Love is not an easy emotion. It’s scary and turbulent. To give your heart to someone is truly the biggest gamble you can make. In this fic, Klaus finds that not only is he willing to take that chance, but he cannot live without doing so. Caroline is worth every risk.

As the author suggests, Klaroline is, indeed, an epic love.


11.  “Tyler Lockwood loved you with his simple boy’s heart, with all eighteen years of his trifling little life, but he has laid down ten centuries of hate and indifference and domination for your smile.” No Sooner the Old Hope by CBK1000

Not making light of Tyler’s love for Caroline, this quote depicts the stark difference between the two men in their devotion to Caroline. While Tyler may have loved her with the reckless abandon of a boy, Klaus is the one who has had a thousand years worth of an agenda he set aside for the mere curve of her lips, giving up all his plans for her happiness.

And, dear readers, what is love without a little sacrifice?

12.  “He always says her full name. Caroline. Like he doesn’t want to miss any of it, and it rolls in his mouth. She likes it.” You’re Sharp as a Knife and You Fit Like a Glove by TheViolinist

She likes it. I like it. We all like it. At one point or another, haven’t we all obsessed over the way that mouth forms her name? Come on, don’t lie…

It’s beautiful. It’s hot. And I just want him to say her name over and over, possibly in the throes of passion, but I’m not picky. I would give my right arm and my unborn child over to hear Klaus say Caroline one more time.

I beg you, Julie Plec. I beg you.


13.  “Just . . . if you do choose him, in the end, can you promise me one thing? Make sure he’s worth it. Make sure that he deserves you, and that he’ll look after you, and protect you with his life. Make sure he’s willing to give you all the things that you’re looking for, and make sure he’s capable of giving you what you want. Make sure he can make you happy, and that he’s every bit the kind of man that you truly deserve. Can you promise me that?” – Not Your Typical Fairy-tale by OxOx-Megz-OxOx

Any man who can live up to all that must really be straight from a fairytale!

Here, Klaus is asking Caroline to choose Tyler if she is certain he can give her everything Klaus wants to give her himself.  And oh, dear Lord, does he raise the bar for any man who claims to be worthy of Miss Caroline Forbes.

Excuse me as I add this to my requirements for the perfect man.


14.  “That girl upstairs doesn’t need a knight in shining armour. She needs a knight in rusted, dented armour. Those are the ones who’ve fought dragons.” The Maiden in the Tower by Biana Delacroix

Keeping up with the fairytale idea, here’s another one for you!

And ain’t this the truth? What good is a knight in shining armor? Sometimes women just need a man who wears his battle scars to show the hell he’s been through to get where he is. Not because we need him to go through hell for us, but so that we know he’s not afraid of going through hell with us.

Any dragon slayers out there? This damsel wants to know…

15.  “The truth is that I am in love with that girl down there fighting for her life. The truth is that is if she dies there is nothing in heaven or in hell that will stop me from tearing this entire world apart, including you, if you get in my way.” The Perfect Unplanned by Hybridlovelies

A declaration of love, followed by a thinly veiled threat. How very… Klaus-like.

The truth is that I’m in love with the way Klaus loves Caroline. The truth is that I love that he sees the warrior in her. The truth is that I love the depth of his concern for Caroline, when he never cared so much about anyone before. The truth is that I could go on forever about this quote, but I’ll stop because we still have 10 more quotes to go!


16.  “She lives, or this entire city dies.” And So We Lie Down To Sleep by CBK1000

That’s it. It’s all or nothing for Klaus.

Klaus may not consider himself a hero in the true sense of the word, but when he professes the lengths he’ll go to ensure the safety of a certain blonde… Well, I’m sure she would consider him her own personal savior.

Can you imagine being the sole focus of man with this much command and authority? Shivers. All down my spine.


17.  “For the first time, Klaus was being accepted into a group. They knew who he was and they still didn’t mind him being around. Caroline knew that was more than Klaus had ever hoped for. And if she had anything to do about it… he would always feel that way. Caroline would always make sure Klaus felt wanted.” Torment by MidnightAngel30

Here it is. The crux of all things that have made Klaus such a hard man. He’s lived his entire life carrying the pangs of rejection. But with Caroline, it’s different. She knows exactly who he is and hasn’t run from a single confrontation yet.

In this fic, Caroline brings Klaus into her world, surrounds him with her friends. She makes him feel as if he isn’t a monster only meant to be shunned. She sees his fear and eases it. All she wants is to make him feel wanted.

Insert Hunter Hayes’s Wanted track in the background along with the soft sighs of shipper hearts everywhere.


18.  “‘I like your stories, but I need to be a part of them.’ His hands slide to her waist and pull her closer. ‘You are. The next time I’m here, all my stories will be about the time I showed a beautiful girl the world.’” Paradise Circus by Lila2

Such a beautiful tale left untold.

But at least it gave us heart-melting quotes like this one! As Klaus shows Caroline the world like he’s always wanted, Caroline realizes that it’s not enough. She needs to be a part of his world, not just a bystander. The exciting, romantic stories he tells her as they visit new cities leaves her
craving more with this man than she had thought possible.

Dear Lila2, GIVE ME MORE, DAMN IT! Sincerely, everyone in the fandom.


19.  “I know you think that things can’t work out for us because of it, because you assume that I want to have more kids. I’ll be honest I have always thought that if I could have more children I would. But if I have to make a choice between that and you, I choose you, Caroline.” The Only Hope For Me is You by livingdeadblondegirl

AU/AH fics often take away the hurdle of having our golden girl fall in love with a monster, but that’s not to say they don’t add new hurdles of their own…

And what a hurdle it is to see family man, Niklaus Mikaelson, fall in love with his children’s nanny, only to find out she could never give him more children.  But that’s okay with our leading man. As long as he has Caroline, it’s enough for him. He has all the family he needs.

Isn’t there a part of us that wishes canon-Klaus would make a family with Caroline instead of adding a were-baby? *Sigh.


20.  “‘I lied,’ Klaus said. ‘of all the stupid things I’ve done, telling you I didn’t love you was the worst.’” Everybody Talks by Hybridlovelies

No, the worst was leaving Mystic falls without uttering the three little words we are dying to hear.

In all honesty, we know Klaus isn’t ready to admit such strong feelings. They would practically have to be pried out of him. This fic made no exception. After denying his feelings for her, Klaus comes to his senses and realizes the mistake he made in letting Caroline go.

A mistake we wish he’d rectify in canon-verse as well.

21.  “A thousand years, Caroline. I went a thousand years caring only of myself. And then without meaning to– without wanting to, I found you. All of the sudden I wanted so much more with you than I had ever wanted for myself before. I never wanted love, but with you I craved it […] for the past hundred years, I’ve wanted it all. And I’ve wanted it with you. So yes, Caroline. I have thought about it. Even in the arms of other women, all I’ve thought about is you.” Reckless by givemelovelikeklaroline

This confession follows after a hundred year separation for this couple. Having found an intense connection with each other, Klaus and Caroline go on to live their lives apart, underestimating the pull they have to each other. But it catches up to them eventually…

Klaus and Caroline spent the past season constantly undermining and dismissing the hold they have on each other. In this quote, they make it a hundred years before they give into it. Here’s hoping canon!Klaroline don’t take as long!


22.  “You’re my falcon, Klaus.” The Cold Trail by Angellus08

Falcons have often been used as symbols of guardianship. In this AU/AH fic, Caroline always held on to a falcon charm, reminding her of her promise to be a protector of her loved ones. As her list of loved ones grows to include Klaus, she extends a similar charm to him, claiming him as her personal protector.

In a simply heart-breaking alternate ending, Klaus is not able to be the savior Caroline needed him to be, resulting in her tragic death. Klaus becomes a haunted man, living in his delusions. But in these delusions he saves her every time. “In my dreams I can be her falcon.”

I need a box of tissues and a pint of chunky-monkey ice cream to get over that one 🙁


23.  “Bill chuckled. ‘Oh, Caroline. Patron saint of the lost cause. I bet she loves finding something human in you.’ [Klaus replies] ‘She’s the only one who could have.’” Prowl by withfireandblood

Isn’t that so Caroline? Even after witnessing the evil he is capable of, there is something about him that she can’t let go of. Seeing right through the tough-guy exterior, Caroline targets the humanity that barely exists in him, reminding him that he’s not as far gone as he would

Echoing a canon sentiment, finding the humanity that lingers inside him, Caroline reminds Klaus that if he is capable of love, he is capable of being saved. But as he confesses to her father in this quote, his salvation is a feat possible only by Caroline.


24.  “‘Caroline […] I’ll repeat history over twenty times if I have to. I will chase after you as many times as it takes. I have no interest in ever loving anyone else. I don’t want you to love anyone else.’ Klaus smirked. ‘I will ruin your life, Caroline Forbes, and build it back up again, because I’m a selfish bastard who loves you too much and I will never let you go.’” Everybody Talks by hybridlovelies

Here’s another one of those professions of love we crave!

Unlike their last scene, in which Klaus gave Caroline space to love whom she willed, here we have Klaus staking his claim on his girl. There’s nobody else for him and he will be damned if there will be anybody else for her.

My, oh my, how I wish our Klaus had been a little more selfish like this one.


25.  “Nothing scares her more than the way he makes her lose control.” Paradise Circus by Lila2

Last but not least, I leave you with the truth, written so simply, as to what keeps our favorite couple apart: fear.

There are emotions he makes her feel, futures he makes her dream of that she can’t allow herself to. It doesn’t fit in with the mold she has created for herself. These desires he brings out in her terrify her.

But wouldn’t it be more accurate to say she’s afraid of herself? Of what will happen when she gives in? She will never again be able to hide behind that perfectionist demeanor she wears like a shield. If she allows herself to give in to the emotions he makes her feel, she may just get a little messy, but wouldn’t the fun be worth it?

Mmmm. I love me some dark!Klaroline.


And there you have it, boys and girls: twenty-five quotes representing the possibility of what Klaroline could be. So do not despair, lovelies! If Julie and co. won’t give this couple a happy ending, nothing is stopping us from writing one for them ourselves!

At least in fanon, the ship lives on!

If you think we missed a Fanfic quote displaying the beauty that is Klaroline, drop us a line, and who knows? It may show up on this magazine at some point!

Our next edition of Top 25 will bring you Top 25 Reasons to Keep Calm and Ship On! Leave me a line on my tumblr or message the magazine to let us know what gives you hope for our beloved couple!

Until next time!


Article written by Sunny. Find her on Tumblr.