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Top 25 Fics That Killed A Piece Of Our Soul


Okay, so we’ve all found a few fanfics here and there where the author has managed to make us die a little inside, so today, that’s what this Top 25 article is going to be all about. It’s going to be about the angst, feels and hysterical tears that these authors enjoy putting us through. Safe to say, I feel completely and utterly dead inside after reading all these amazing stories and having to write this article. I’m getting all choked up just thinking about it, but hey, what’s a story without a little angst?

1. Handle With Care (Chapter 4) by AddriannaDestiny

Okay, I’m not going to lie, I gasped so loudly when I read the end of this chapter that my father came running into the room to see if I was alright. Throughout the entire story so far, AddriannaDestiny has got you seriously rooting for Klaroline and gets yours feels going so much, then she throws Caroline 2.0 (a.k.a Camille) into the very last paragraph of the chapter and breaks our hearts by getting Camille to announce that she is Klaus’ fiance. Every time I reread this chapter, I always have the same reaction – a long painful ‘Noooooooo!!!

2. The King Is Dead (Drabble) by shipatfirstsight

*Closes eyes and takes a deep breath* This one was painful. It broke my heart to read this drabble. The title even hurts alone. You go into reading this drabble to expect Klaus to die, and that’s exactly what you get. In fact, he’s dead right from the beginning of the drabble. You read on and find out how devastated and heartbroken our dear CareBear is, and then she goes ahead and shatters your heart even more when she decides to kill herself so she can be with him. But that’s not it just yet. She dies right next to him, and when Elijah and Rebekah find them, they bury Klaus and Caroline together so they could be together in death like they should have been in life.

3. Revengeful Lust (Chapter 7) by runwiththenight

Once again, I enjoyed this fic like I enjoy pretty much any Klaroline fic, because let’s face it, the Klaroline fandom is extremely talented! I was grinning like a fool during the first few chapters, then the angst and emotion hit me in chapter seven and I found myself on the verge of tears because, get ready for it… Our beloved Klaus Mikaelson dies. I won’t say how because no one likes too many spoilers (only enough to satisfy our curiosity!), but our dear blonde beauty Caroline finds out while with Bonnie because he needs to pass through her, and Caroline is reduced to tears. Her reaction is heart breaking, and I felt just as shattered as she did.

4. The Nobodies (Chapter 22) by Psyc0gurl0

This fic consistently had me feel like a piece of me was dying inside. My heart and soul both shattered in the process of reading The Nobodies in practically nearly every single chapter. However, I forced myself to pick one single chapter that particularly killed a piece of my soul like the title of this article claims, and chapter 22 took the cake. This fic is based around time traveling and different dimensions, and at this point in the story, both Caroline’s have returned home to their rightful dimensions right after falling in love with an alternate version of Klaus. Near the end of this chapter, 2112 New Orleans Caroline and Klaus share a heartwarming and beautiful moment when they reunite, but then Caroline hesitantly makes Klaus aware that an alternate version of Mikael raped her in another dimension, which drives Klaus to destruction and anger, once again leaving us Klaroliners sympathising with our favourite pairing and just wanting to hug them and comfort them.

5. Handle WIth Care (Chapter 6) by AddriannaDestiny

Here we are again with this wonderful fic. I just couldn’t narrow it down to one moment that made me want to cry. Honestly, I was trying to not sob when I read this one because I don’t think my family would appreciate being woken up to my tears at 3am in the morning. Caroline knows that Klaus is engaged to Camille, and Klaus knows that he shouldn’t return Caroline’s feelings, but they both can’t help but share a beautiful moment and dance in the middle of the street together at night. It makes your heart ache, especially when you realise that Klaus is savouring the moment because he knows he can never be with her. It’s his way of saying goodbye and Caroline knows it.

6. Beauty and the Geek (Chapter 21) by jomosfamilyjewels

I absolutely love the comedy in jomosfamilyjewels’ fic Beauty and the Geek. It’s refreshing to see our favourite pairing sharing funny moments, but I think we can all agree that the most emotional and upsetting part for Klaroliners while reading this story is when Klaus breaks up with Caroline after finding out that Matt stayed at her apartment the previous night, even though nothing happened. Thank god for the sense of all their friends and the pep talks they gave both Caroline and Klaus because I’m sure we were all extremely happy when they finally got back together!

7. Fortune and Love only Favour the Brave by An-Ageless-Queen-In-Blue

It was an absolute struggle to pick one single moment from this story that had me just wanting to curl up in the fetal position and sob for a good hour for our OTP, and I got to this point where I realised I just couldn’t nail it down to one specific moment. This entire story keeps the feels going on a continuous emotional rollercoaster. From when they share their first kiss, to Caroline finding out that Klaus was the man who is betrothed to her sister Anne, to Caroline trying to do what’s right and their beautiful yet heart-wrenching moment in the library in the middle of the night. Such big obstacles for our dear Caroline and Klaus to overcome, but hey, it makes it all that much more interesting!

8. Love in London (Chapter 13) by HelloCutePanda

Everything is going so well for Caroline. A new city, seeing her old friend Stefan again, meeting and dating a super hot Brit by the name of Klaus, but then once they finally sleep together, Klaus has full intention of leaving her so he doesn’t grow fond of her because he doesn’t want his enemies to be able to use Caroline against him as a weakness. That’s not even the worst of it. He doesn’t just ignore her phone calls; he blocks her number. He avoids her. He gets one of his workers at the front desk of the building he lives in to tell Caroline that they are over. Ouch, Klaus! Our poor CareBear and our poor feels! My heart aches for her.

9. Torment (Chapter 13) by MidnightAngel30

This entire story breaks my heart a million times over. In fact, I’m surprised my heart is still working like it’s supposed to. Almost halfway through this story, Caroline’s best friend Stefan dies, and she retreats to the fire escape just outside the window of her apartment. Klaus finds her there and does his utmost best to attempt to console her and make her feel better. This is truly a bittersweet moment. You’ve got emotions running high because Caroline is grieving her best friend, and you’ve got the adorable, sweet intentions from Klaus. Side note, in this story, Klaus is a major introvert (that is a big understatement) and is not used to socialising with people other than Rebekah, but he still puts himself out there to try to help the sad blonde next door. *Cue feels*

10. Her Heart (Drabble) by Klaraholic

This one also hurt me in so many ways. Caroline kissing another guy, Klaus’ jealousy, Caroline’s declaration of feelings for Klaus, Klaus trying to understand his wild emotions and then – get ready for it… Caroline dies at the hands of the Original Hybrid because he believed that love is a vampire’s greatest weakness. You think Klaraholic is done playing with our emotions and feels yet? Nope. Not likely. Klaus then mourns Caroline and tries to wake her, but when she doesn’t wake, he cries over the body of his lost love.

11. Alone (Drabble) by ALostHeart

A short but equally heart-wrenching drabble where Silas kills Caroline and Klaus fails to save her. The overwhelming emotion Klaus feels in this drabble makes me just want to hug him and tell him everything will be alright. He ponders the what if’s if he had saved her, he sees her in his dreams, he wishes she was there. Even though it’s only a few hundred words long, it still manages to be greatly heartbreaking.

12. Secret santa – part 2 (Drabble) by angellus08

This drabble is filled with angst a twisted love between Klaus and Caroline. The two are newly weds and everything seems to be going fine – though you have that lingering suspicion that something isn’t quite right – until Caroline confesses to being a traitor, which Elijah already informed Klaus of prior to the wedding, and Klaus murders his new wife. It’s heavy and emotional, just how every Klaroliner likes it.

13. A Kiss For A Kill (Five-Shot) by Sad Olive

This beautifully written five-shot series by Sad Olive really makes you feel sad for our dear CareBear. Caroline accidentally takes the cure and becomes human again. Even though she once wanted to be human again, she doesn’t want that life anymore. Caroline feels lost, and Klaus is one of the only people who can help her through her now human days. That is until an unexpected accident occurs and changes everything.

14. Broken Mirrors (One-Shot) by safewithklaroline

Okay, this one is pretty intense. Klaus and Caroline are undercover for 13 months together, but things take a horrible turn and result in Klaus holding Caroline at gun point. The flashbacks in this drabble are absolutely heartwarming and make you smile, but the present time narrative is heartbreaking.When Klaus shoots Caroline, it is metaphorically the author killing our feels.

15. It’s You and Me (Drabbles) by RadientWings

This chapter consisting of 26 small scenes – one for each letter of the alphabet – has all the feels a Klaroliner will ever need and will deal with. From lingering kisses, to dances, champagne, hot hybrid sex and plenty of death scenarios, RadientWings manages to repeatedly make you want to shed a tear.

16. The One Where he Sees Her (One-Shot) by heystrippah

I can not begin to explain how beautifully written this one-shot is. We see the passionate side of Klaus that we always seen whenever Caroline is around to brighten up his day, we see the concern of Rebekah and Elijah for their brother Nik, we see the beautiful relationship between Caroline and Klaus, and then we receive the heart-breaking ending that we knew was coming right from the beginning but didn’t want to believe, almost as if we were in the same situation as Klaus – refusing to believe that our loved one is dead.

17. Splendor in the Grass (Chapter 8) by gwrageddnc

This fic over all is an absolute emotional rollercoaster, but chapter 8 is one of the most emotional chapters in it. A traumatic kidnapping has taken place in Caroline’s life which she struggles to get over and Klaus becomes the one person that she feels safest around. In chapter 8, Caroline opens up to everyone a year later about what happened those few weeks and all Klaus wants to do is avenge her and try to make it easier for her.

18. Deceit (Chapter 5) by Klaraholic

Let’s face it. We’ve all at some point read a fic about Klaus being a criminal and Caroline being the cop that interrogates him, and we absolutely love it. We see the evil side of Klaus that we have always guiltily loved and the tough side of Caroline that we love just as equally. No one is able to get information out of Klaus once he’s been arrested, and the only person he even remotely converses with is Caroline. He remains portraying himself as uncaring, but once Caroline walks into the interrogation room bleeding and beaten up after two notorious brothers break into her house and attack her, we see the concern Klaus shows for Caroline suddenly pour out and it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

19. Forgotten Mistake (One-Shot) by Moultipass1

This one-shot is cute, beautiful and sad all at the same time and definitely gets the feels going. It keeps you guessing all the way through – why is Caroline going to the Mikaelson mansion? Why does she want his help? What is her reason as to why she’s finally admitted her feelings for him? And most importantly, why does Klaus feel the need to compel her to forget their passionate evening together? That last one is the one that really got me. It’s because he loves her. He loves her too much to let himself get between her and her friends, so he compels her to forget that night they spent together and their final scene breaks the hearts of Klaroliners all around.

20. Catch-22 (One-Shot) by Moultipass1

Lucky for us, this one-shot is a follow up from Forgotten Mistake, and I think we should all be even more thankful for the fact that this second part has another chapter after it because the ending of this one hurts. Caroline and Klaus continue their fighting lessons together, Caroline still unaware to the fact that she slept with Klaus several weeks prior, but everything changes when she forces Klaus to give her her memories back, even though she just admitted her feelings for the Original Hybrid. It ends in an argument with Caroline storming out of the Mikaelson mansion, making us all die a little inside.

21. Come Back to Me (Two-Shot) by ALostHeart

This one-shot is based several hundred years later, and it is full of angst, angst, angst! It begins with Klaus on his knees at Caroline’s door, then jumps into a flashback to show us how they found themselves in that situation. The angst and drama that follows is heartbreaking, and leaves us thankful for the fact that the author has written a part two for this beautiful, yet heart-wrenching piece, which is just as angsty as the first. Yay for drama and feels!

22. This is How the World Continues On (Two-Shot) willowaus

This chapter here is the second part of a two-shot by willowaus. When Caroline’s mother dies, she feels the need to escape from Mystic Falls mroe than ever and does so. She does not contact any of her friends as she runs away from her hometown and travels the world over a century, only seeing them whenever they crossed paths. Friends die, separate, Caroline becomes close with Rebekah and eventually finds her way back to Klaus when they both coincidentally move to Milan in Italy, then live a comfortable life together.

23. Lost and Found Again (One-Shot) by Wreckless Righter

Honestly, I feel dead inside after reading this one. Klaus returns to Mystic Falls to find that Caroline’s light has burnt out and she is no longer who he remembers she used to be. He asks her why she’s become the way she is, and she tells him it’s because everyone she cared about has left her – including Stefan and her mother dying. She blames Klaus, but as it turns out, he’s the one and only person who can help her.

24. Graduation (One-Shot) by Diabolo Framboise

This One-Shot is extremely adorable and cute. What the author has done here is write their version of how they wanted the graduation episode to go at the end of season 4, and I’m sure that this is the dream of every Klaroline fan. Klaus shows up after Caroline’s graduation, they admit their feelings for each other, Caroline breaks it off with Tyler and moves to New Orleans to live with the gorgeous hot Brit. An adorable happily ever after that leaves us all feeling fuzzy inside!

25. Lie to Me (One-Shot) Sad Olive

First of all, this one-shot has been brilliantly written and is based on a concept I have never read in the Klaroline fandom before, which makes it very refreshing. Second, it made me want to cry for a good ten minutes. It’s so beautiful yet so tragic at the same time, you don’t know whether to be happy that they are finally together, or sad that they never got the chance to travel together.

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